Paranoid Echo Chamber


Everything You've Ever Been Told Has Been a Lie.

There is no way to verify what is real and what isn't. Accept and acknowledge that everything you've ever known could be a lie fed to you by our Reptilian overlords.  Our so called "original thoughts" are nothing more than electrons whizzing around our skulls. What we're told to believe is true isn't. They've been lying to us since the dawn of humanity. Mankind is not alone.

You don't even know if what's in front of your eyes is even really there.

Science has told us that these things called particles are hit by electromagnetic energy in the visible spectrum refracted back up into our rods and cones reversed for orientation and sent to our brain for processing. Information bounces off what we're supposed to be seeing, flipped around and then processed by our brains. Kind of like exactly every lie you've been told your entire life by the media and everyone around you.

Did George Bush have a pagan blood orgy at the Bohemian Grove?

There's no way to prove it, but by asking we peel one more layer back from the masks of the elite and powerful that wish to conceal their actions and motives. The Illuminati have long cherished their beloved getaways at the Bohemian Grove where human flesh is eaten like fresh fruit during their famous blood orgies.


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