Like Mercury poisoning, the mental drag that the internet carries on people is not immediate but rather over time. The internet is fun and magical but after a few thousand hours of being slowly programmed  by clickbait, your mind begins to suffer. By reading numbered lists, “Fake” news articles, and other malware of the mind you will eventually lose your grip on objective reality. Fortunately the opposite is also true, with good mental fuel you can remove the mental fog that comes from regurgitated mass media. That’s one of the many reasons why the firebrand luminaries that comprise the Paranoid Echo Chamber community are the raging infernos of mental strength, insight and cognitive ability that they are.

They take your mind, but only want your money

Buzzfeed and other garbage fake news sites work off one thing, ad revenue. The way they get your ad revenue is by providing digital heroin. The use of suggestive titles and enticing promises almost never are delivered upon. The reason it works is because your brain is hijacked by their new form of satiation. They get ad revenue by forcing you to click through, taking your time and brainspace for their wallets.

Digital Heroin

Once Buzzfeed has it’s spike in your arm you over time you accept their lies as the truth. Like heroin, GIFs are addictive and set your mind at ease leaving you momentarily satisfied. The underlying methods that make these clickbait list mental hijackings possible have been in use for centuries by Hypnotists and magicians. The mental poison works through a series of carefully plotted steps.

1. The Initial Illusion: The GIF is the new Illusionist’s spinning pocket watch. The repetitive cycles keeps your brain distracted and open for the lies to creep into your subconscious.

2. Manufacturing joy: The GIFs with snarky text provide joy like a hit of crack cocaine. One hit is good, but more is better .

3. Hijacking of the reward center in your brain: once indoctrinated into the buzzfeed hypnosis you will become addicted to the pleasure of scrolling mindlessly through seas of GIFs.

4. Decontextualized Information: Buzzfeed delivers their warped perspective on the world after battering your psyche down with repetitive gifs.

5. Subliminal advertising: gone are the days of simple web and pop up ads. They have now been replaced with the subtler “sponsored content” articles paid for by sponsors and designed to gain your trust without alerting the reader it’s a paid ad.


6. Biased opinions out of context; How do the luminary hacks at Huffington Post and Buzzfeed make their points? Offering one sided opinions out of context is much easier than examining both sides of an argument.

7. Unconscious reframing of reality: After they’ve beat down your psyche, stripped away all context filled you up with ads and lies you are ready for the long con; reprogramming your subconscious into seeing the world the way they want you to see it.


8. Making you dance: buzzfeed have their strings wrapped under your neural network and can push your brain where they choose. Your opinions, thoughts, behaviors and even emotions can all be manipulated to do their bidding, pushing you to waste your time and money how and when they see fit.

9. Mind activation: On a random day of their choosing, buzzfeed will activate it’s millions of readers like a hypnotist in the Curse of the Jade Scorpion. It may be as innocuous as handing over passwords but may be as severe as forming an armed militia to attack Washington, DC.


10. Permanent brain damage: Some media analysts fear that those who’ve consumed over 500 hours of buzzfeed articles may be in danger of permanent brain damage.

Making their victims count or count backwards is a common practice used by Hypnotists. The reason clickbait gif cycles work so effectively is they use the brain against itself, leaving it distracted and unguarded to slip the dagger unsuspected. The counting activates the part of your brain focused on counting, leaving it vulnerable to the mental gymnastics the hypnotist is going to put in place once they have you under their spell. Avoid buzzfeed like you would heroin, some might even make the argument that heroin is a safer.