The Establishment is Changing

Many were shocked to discover that Donald Trump had won the presidency, but many industry insiders knew this would happen. The outcry of desperation and sadness from the left were echoed by the outcry of pain and agony from the Reptilians aboard the Mothership. The Mothership faced one of the bloodiest nights in the history of American Reptilians. The Reptilians never expected that the Alt Rep movement would gain as much momentum as they did to defeat Reptillary.

What is the total body count aboard the Mothership?

Some say nearly 10% of the Xenu-Reptilian race or close to 125,000 were killed above the sole mothership above DC. Rumors have been heard that high command is considering requesting Reptilia Homeworld to provide additional resources after the near catastrophic defeat of Reptilian leadership. Reptillary was safely aboard the ground in Pennsylvania and then New York while the bloodshed continued on. Knowing that her superior strength and size would ultimately keep her safe (as Reptilians prefer to kill one another in single unarmed combat, due to their Reptile ancestral roots.)

What Reptonald J Trump’s rise to power means for the Reptilian & American public

The lack of oversight in quelling Reptonald’s power grab sooner when they were weaker was a massive oversight on behalf of the Reptilian Establishment and the American people. No amount of “Well he’ll never win” mentality ever won an election. It was foolish and we were caught with our pants down. The paranoid community is not happy that the establishment may fall, for when the walls of democracy come falling down the structure of fascism will take hold. We’ve all seen the writings on the wall that this country could shift from an oligarchy to a fascist state. It’s us to us truth seekers and knowledge guarders to make sure the 125,000 dead Reptilians won’t have died in vain. Go out and do everything you can to prevent the shift to tyranny. Reptillary may have been defeated but her spirit of equality will live on through our actions.