Obama and the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition

REPTILIAN ILLUMINATI COALITION Obama’s Passing of the Torch To Reptillary. What says the Illuminati about the Reptiles newfound rise to power with their new political leader Reptillary. The initial founding of the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition was when an Illuminati council member Bill Clinton met the Reptile Queen Reptillary back before he was president. Traditionally the […]

Reptillary & the Pantsuited Apocalypse

Reptillary & the Pantsuited Apocalypse There’s no question the single worst thing to happen to America since the Council of Undead World Business Leaders sanctioned the Israeli Mossad coordinated 9/11 attacks is the nomination of “Hillary” Clinton as a presidential nominee. While people think that “email servers” and “lying” are the issue thanks to the brainwashing […]

Proof that Science is nothing but Lies.

Proof That Science is Nothing but Lies   Science claims that a brand new technology exists that will help with the ever expanding need for cryogenics in health and technology such as superconductors and quantum computers need for extremely low temperatures. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzx2uxWIML4] Yes, claiming a brand NEW technology… technology that has NEVER been heard […]