Trump Kanye

Trump Kanye: Is this bad news for Illuminati?

Kanye West’s public rants against the Illuminati: a bridge burned? There’s a battle brewing between Kanye, Trump, Illuminati in the public. While Kanye’s recent mental collapse due to exhaustion on top of a manic episode of bipolar disorder is surely a factor, many are shocked by the comments Kanye made against Jay-Z and the Illuminati. […]

The AI Conspiracy: What Artificially Intelligent beings think about The Matrix and HBO’s Westworld.

The Singularity, AI Conspiracy: What Artificially Intelligent beings have to say about The Matrix and the finale of HBO’s Westworld. The Paranoid Echo Chamber is privy to high level secrets thanks to our high level insider fans feeding us some secrets not known even to a living member of mankind at all. Depending on your definition […]