Small voices still carry a loud echo.

Paranoid Echo Chamber is a community for enlightened truth seekers who seek up to date accurate information free from prying eyes.

Do you feel that social media isn’t “safe” but you still want to seek out fellow truthseekers who aren’t blinded by the fatcat corporate media? In a world of Illuminati overlords, RFID Scanning helicopters and a corrupt media dedicated to misinformation; truth is a limited commodity. It’s time you speak the truth, and let others around you know just exactly how the Reptilian-Illuminati Coalition (R.I.C.) runs the country and implants thoughts in your brain through it’s high frequency particle rays beamed from satellites.

Through a series of 2048 Bit SSL Encrypted VPN & TOR Network Mirrors (carefully vetted for CIA, NSA exit node monitoring), Paranoid Echo Chamber P.E.C is committed to providing a judgement & surveillance free zone for true citizens to engage in true democracy. Without the government spies, sheep and small minded masses constantly questioning every truth bomb you are forced to deliver them. After the 40th time you have to explain that 9/11 was an inside job… it’s time to find somebody else to talk to.

We, the true patriots, know that the government and their alien/corporate overlords are the real enemy of truth. By validating their lies the mainstream media has accepted it’s role as deprogrammers of truth. The truth will not be silenced by doubters and naysayers, the same people that believe that terrorists committed 9/11 instead of the Israeli govt. The same morons who think that Dick Cheney was born from a human womb instead of the reptilian hatching chamber he was spawned from.

The only way to live in a free society is for the civilians to have access to truth and information. The only way to access truth in a world where nearly everything you read online has been falsified is through like minded truth-seeking individuals. If you are part of the privileged enlightened then you know that mainstream media sites can’t be trusted and you must get your news straight from reliable sources

Paranoid Echo Chamber is brought to you by 2048 Bit SSL Encryption through a series of randomly generated accounts created from a VPN over the TOR network. This ensures our anonymity and simultaneously blocks the NSA, Reptilians and more from accessing this information. Paranoid Echo Chamber’s “Deep Mind” technology works, this site is constantly being deleted and recreated so seamlessly that even the head NSA Security Experts and Top Level Reptilian technicians are unable to find our site.

While our site has been taken down many times, it’s servers are so encrypted that by the time the NSA + COUIBL (or Council of Undead International Business Leaders) has broken the first SSL certificate the site has already been deleted and copied over to a safe location.