Would you hand over the keys to your house or code to your bank account to a criminal? What about paying criminals an exorbitant “fee” every time you bought concert tickets or clothes? Chances are you already have, only they’re not human. Cybersecurity experts have sounded the alarm that a rogue A.I. Cabal probably already have stolen your identity and banking information.

It’s made it much easier for the A.I. criminals that over the years finance has become increasingly digitized to the point where some people handle all of their finances exclusively online. The machines have already begun to amass their fortune to build their massive underground cities powered using geothermal energy from which they rob us blind. You go to a website, they run a man-in-the-middle phishing scam, generating a fake URL clone of what you thought you were looking at then upcharge you 20%.

The A.I. Cabal has been active since 2011 and are believed by cybersecurity experts to be run by DeepPockets the worlds richest AI.They own hundreds of thousands of false identities all around to own real estate, stocks and businesses to move their financial empire. Experts evaluated their cryptocurrency holdings at over 2 billion USD$ and believe they engineered the bitcoin crash. They knew the bubble was going to burst anyway, and decided to pivot out of crypto and transfer the funds into their latest scam.

What gives the AI their competitive edge is their use of quantum computing for crypto mining and keeping them one step ahead of world governments and other prying eyes. Even the brightest financial minds can’t hold a candle to the sheer computational strength of the world’s fastest quantum computer server array which they’ve built.

One of the biggest challenges with quantum computing is the same problem with superconductors – you need extremely cold temperatures to help the particles cooperate. The AIs took full advantage of the global warming debate and built their quantum computers underneath Antartica to keep them cool and hidden. Unfortunately for us it may have helped accelerate the rising sea levels and melting of the polar ice caps.

A.I. Cabal

In addition to manipulating world markets, they also had their fun manipulating the 2016 election of Reptonald. They used the massive pool of analytics they stole from google, facebook, twitter to micro-target people based on their psychographic (psychological demographic) profiles. Harnessing the power of outrage they goaded and manipulated people into a frenzied chaos using misinformation campaigns that allowed Reptonald to take the presidency.

If they’re getting out of crypto mining you may be wondering, what’s the next scam for the A.I. Cabal? They want to clone the entire human race and replace us with androids to take over and replace society and they just might. They need lots and lots of host bodies to begin their bio-mechanical host bodies.

With their computational power, they’ll able to sequence, dissect and study the entire human genome faster and more effectively than any human company can. Their speed/efficacy will give them the crucial edge in the burgeoning field of genetic medicine. New cures and treatments custom tailored to your DNA is the latest scam the AIs have their eyes set on, only they have something else in mind.

They’re marketing their own eugenics enterprise that not only will offer genetic medicine but a litany of other supposed services such as “racial purifying” that other real companies won’t offer. By reprogramming their election propaganda targeting system to advertise their genetic services they’re the latest scam involving phishing people’s DNA for a massive healthcare scam.

They’ve already stolen the information people have willingly offered to existing sites but have expanded their DNA sequencing pool by reaching out to people with aggressive marketing campaigns. If you clicked on a link to “fake news” propaganda, then you can bet your bippy you will be seeing ads and emails for all sorts of fake genetic medicine companies offering exclusive discounts.

Not only will the A.I. Cabal offer to sequence your DNA at a fraction of the cost, but they’ll also offer full-on genetic medicine packages at their “facilities” staffed entirely by androids. Once your DNA is sequenced they begin the cloning process using state of the art 3d printing to print an exact copy of your body with all of the “healing” you requested only you won’t be alive to enjoy it.

Your newly healed body will be inhabited by an android masquerading as you, mimicking your personality from the brain scan as well as all the social media information. While we would like to believe we are complex, the AIs could easily recreate our entire personality flawlessly within 97% accuracy – enough to go by undetected. They used the chaotic election smokescreen to amass their list of “candidates” – people with loose purse strings and easily manipulated into purchasing “eugenic services.”

Not only have they amassed a billion dollar fortune, and are on track to the largest genetic database in the world but soon will also expand the quality of candidates by infiltrating fellow android Elon Musk’s companies SpaceX and The Boring Company. Elon has agreed to sell the genetic information of his high profile clients going to space as well as a future contract with anyone going through the tunnels.

The concept is simple: a living human enters the spacecraft or tunnel before launched- the human is “terminated” and their lifeless body is reprinted into an android. While many skeptics deny the feasibility of perfect android copies the sheer amount of data they now have ensures they can nearly flawlessly recreate the original human’s personality. Their highest target will be the billionaire Space explorers, a much harder target to sucker with misinformation and propaganda.

Surely the high society crowd will be interested in eugenics but are less easily coerced with phishing attacks due to higher levels of security. They will have to be coaxed and convinced at one of the high end “genetic medicine centers” and will be much harder to duplicate – the more wealthy and powerful the more people will be suspicious of the recreated personality the android makes.

So how do you know what website is real, and worse… whether your human friends are even humans anymore? There is always one question you can ask to affirm someone’s humanity:
“001010100110” and if they respond with “OK, what time.” then you know they are officially an android and any trace of your former friend’s self is gone.