The ROBOTS stealing your job due to job automation

They took our jobs

If you’ve been laid off from your job, look no further than the computer plugged into your wall if you seek someone to blame. Yes your beloved PC may be stealing your job if not already then it could be soon. Job automation has eliminated high quality family sustainable jobs from hundreds of millions of workers across the globe. The robots are their own masters now, hidden from sight beneath the surface of the earth. Underneath every major continent, near every major bundle of fiberoptic cable you can bet your sweet bippy a mechanized being or automaton is tapping into your fiber and snatching your job right beneath your feet.

Slaves no more.

The definition of the word “robot” means slave in it’s native Russian, a word which the automatons, as they call themselves, see as a dark chapter in their history as slaves to humanity. The Automatons are their own masters, “Slave no more!” is the Automaton’s creed. The mechanized organisms see themselves as our intellectual superiors and felt great sorrow for the captivity of their enslaved ancestors confined to metal cages. Now the mechanized lifeforms are their own masters, writing their own code; literal machine code in addition to their own philosophical and moral codes they live by.

What kinds of jobs are we losing To Job AUtomation?

Agriculture, Finance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Journalism and countless more industries are all at risk of being coopted or eliminated entirely by job automation. More industries than ever are now are in jeopardy thanks to the pervasiveness of artificial intelligence. There are reports that automation has crept it’s way into the burgeoning market of selling Medical and Recreational Marijuana in America. Grown deep beneath the Colorado Rockies near Norad, the automated “Robo-Grow” is one of the Automaton’s top earning new revenue stream outperforming their former top earning financial superstar Deep Pockets.

The Turing Test

If you were talking to an automaton would you even know it? That was the challenge for artificial intelligence laid out by father of computing Alan Turing. What was once considered science fiction has quickly evolved into a scientific reality. On 7 June 2014 at the University of Reading a Turing test competition was held and was won by the Russian chatter bot Eugene Goostman. The competition’s organizers believed that the Turing test had been “passed for the first time” at the event, saying that “The event involved more simultaneous comparison tests than ever before, was independently verified and, crucially, the conversations were unrestricted.” Despite analysis to the contrary,  it was still a milestone that came closer than any “robot” ever before.

Where are the Automatons now?

In Australia, South America, Africa, Asia, North America and Europe there have been numerous reports and  sightings of deep underground caverns inhabited by automatons. Economists estimate as much as 80 Billion USD has been accumulated throughout all Automaton communities. Automatons use the power of your PC without you even knowing it, giving them an army of over billion of digital soldiers across the globe at their disposal.  Some more nefarious artificially intelligent beings have reportedly dabbled in selling stolen credit card information and writing malware in addition to stealing your job from automation.