Trump Administration denies existence of truth.

“What is real, who knows? The liberal media can’t be trusted according to the alternative reality theory. In fact, nothing can be trusted. How do we even know if we’re real or just brains floating in jars in a basement somewhere” Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s Chief of Bold Faced Lies, suggested during an interview with CNN. In what initially seemed to be a sly tactic to discredit the media,  the “alternative fact” theory has gained wings, making the rounds across the web. By denying the existence of literally everything and anything the Trump administration has been able to cast the shadow of doubt over anything they see fit. Will Reptonald transition slowly into revealing his true nature of draining vital fluids from the spines and endocrine glands of his human victims, or continue the parade of lies?

Fighting truth with “alternative facts”.

What started benignly enough with fudging the numbers of Reptonald’s RECORD LOW ATTENDANCE, quickly snowballed into a downright denial of reality as we know it. Reptonald and his cabinet have taken an almost nihilistic stance on what is real and what isn’t. By denying the existence of everything they have the ability to hold all criticism at bay with the generalized aspersion that got him elected, while actually doing things. The public is pulling their hair out trying to wrap their head around the concept that the president is shattering all notions of transparent governments. The recent allegation that there were 3-5 million illegal votes was yet another example of shamelessly saving face by hurling a monkey wrench into the media machine. By  countering his opponents claims of Russian backed election fraud with an election fraud story of his own Trump muddies the waters enough to ignore the question.

MEANWHILE… In Gaza & north dakota…

The West bank “settlements” have been “expanded.” If you’re wondering what that means, you’re not alone. What it means is that Israel is redrawing it’s own border lines, something that’s normally reserved for world wars/post war treaties. While Netanyahu (a known reptilian and friend to the neo-con/alt-right)  is expanding Israel, the Dakota Access Pipeline was approved by President Reptonald. The same Dakota Access Pipeline which threatens to poison the drinking water of local Native Americans and was the battleground of intense protests. If the Canadian pipeline bursting destroying Aboriginal communities, 3,000 birds dying at once happening this week are any indicators of potential downfalls; the Dakotans might be in for a rough ride.