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The Alt Rep: Ruthless. Effective. Petty.

How the Alt Rep took over 2016

For the past 8 years the social climate in the country has been that of perceived progressive liberal change. All along there have been rumblings of hate groups here and there on sites like reddit or 4chan but for the most part as a society America seemed to be on the progressive track. The deceptive slant that the media was portraying was “shunning” racists, people who weren’t even necessarily racist if they were west of pennsylvania and east of nevada they got painted with a broad brush. Even though the northeast and west coast were openly proclaiming that racism was defeated due to electing our first black president when everyone knew that was a load of bullshit.

Why declaring racism was dead gave it new life

For the fish staring up at the world, it can only assume everyone would live under the same rules. The same way humans can only make broad assumptions about how and why we came to be on this earth and what the fuck is going on with quantum entanglement. That was the same distanced approach to which the “progressive” america, Illuminati controlled media decided to just announce that America was a post racial society something it was not. Much like any major sports franchise, losing and being publicly declared losers only endears desperation and fiersome loyalty. So the newly emboldened alt right quickly was spotted by the Reptilians as a new ship to jump on after their tea party had ended.

How Pepe the Frog became the mouthpiece of hatred

The previously mentioned is a breeding ground for not only hateful misogyny and casual absurdist racism but also something of an artistic hotbed of the internet. Long before the classic block text “meme” as we’ve come to know it, these animals were sharing their photoshopped masterpieces far above any other social network/forum were producing at the time. If 4chan is the breeding ground then reddit is the recycling plant where all the tired stale unoriginal material is spit back and forth by people hoping to raise their “rank.” So pepe the frog came about from a spanish cartoon and the 4chan community co-opted it in their own way. Once it was established “rank worthy” then the reddit community got on board. The reptilians of the alt right (or alt rep as they refer to themselves internally) saw pepe as a cruel joke on humanity how we’re hiding in plain sight right in front of the collective nose of the internet. Using internet styled short termed memory and the natural insular echo chamber effect of only getting news through the lens of your political leaning be it liberal conservative or alternative.

How they won the year

With the internet as the delivery system and their propaganda ammunition of pepe memes and Reptonald’s bold statements they put the Illuminati media in a tailspin. The art of war tactics of attacking your enemy when he is confused or distracted was played perfectly after the “pussy grab” catastrophe of the second debate. Using their bold irreverence they forged on, only feeding off the massive pushback they received from everyone. A troll feeds his black heart with anger fear and despair. The tears of the left only filled the cups of the savage alt reptilians who all but relished in the chaos and confusion that reigned on America on November 9th.

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