Is Apple covering up iPhoneX Identity Theft?

Think twice before staring into the latest iPhoneX, unless you enjoy identity theft and being cloned against your will via iPhoneX face scan. iPhoneX identity theft is quickly becoming the hottest scandal you’ve never heard of. It’s being being kept tightly under wraps, and Apple is shelling out tons of dough to keep it quiet. Technologists […]

Robots proven to be Sentient Autonomous Lifeforms with first Robo-Suicide

Robot Suicide opens public’s eyes to robot mental health crisis. Anyone who’s had the misfortune of seeing Paul Blart Mall Cop could tell you that being a mall security guard is about as futile and meaningless an existence as one could imagine. Even being a “soulless machine” is not a suitable defense for soul crushing […]

World’s Smartest AI dubs Nicolas Cage world’s most evolved human.

What makes Cage the world’s most evolved human? To the world’s smartest AI, human emotions like love, hate, greed and envy all seem distant and illogical. Unlike a machine, human beings often behave counter to their best interests. Some humans gain mastery of self and can think like an AI, but that doesn’t necessarily make […]

Is Elon Musk really A.I.Lon, a robot from the future?

“Is Elon/A.I.Lon Musk a robot sent from the future to save the planet by enslaving humanity?” What do electric cars, refillable rockets, neural computer interfaces and tunnel boring all have in common? They are all crucial building blocks for the Artificial Intelligent Beings or Automatons plans to save the planet by enslaving humanity to save humanity from […]