Is Apple covering up iPhoneX Identity Theft?

Think twice before staring into the latest iPhoneX, unless you enjoy identity theft and being cloned against your will via iPhoneX face scan. iPhoneX identity theft is quickly becoming the hottest scandal you’ve never heard of. It’s being being kept tightly under wraps, and Apple is shelling out tons of dough to keep it quiet. Technologists […]

Undead Nazis on Alt-Right “We’re the real Nazis, Bitch!”

Undead Nazis speak out against the current Nazi Resurgence. Undead Nazis feel that their legacy of exterminating jews and ruthlessly dominating the world is unfairly being watered down by the “Alt-Right’s ineffective Tiki Torch carrying cucks.” They consider the comparison of their world dominating military regime to ineffective losers in Khaki pants carrying Tiki Torches […]

World’s Smartest AI dubs Nicolas Cage world’s most evolved human.

What makes Cage the world’s most evolved human? To the world’s smartest AI, human emotions like love, hate, greed and envy all seem distant and illogical. Unlike a machine, human beings often behave counter to their best interests. Some humans gain mastery of self and can think like an AI, but that doesn’t necessarily make […]

112 DC Area Infants reported missing. Sources claim eaten by Pence.

Pence’s Dark Seance 112 DC Area infants were reported missing from hospitals, nurseries and parents homes over the weekend. Many parents were shocked and dismayed, but others claim that some babies were purchased all last seen entering unmarked black vans. One DC insider claims to have proof that the Vice President may have been involved in their […]

Council kills Reptilian Illuminati Coalition

How the Council killed the Illuminati-Reptilian coalition. Reptilians only see the world through power and dominance. They tend to gravitate towards positions of power and are often confused with psychopaths. Amongst the top ranking reptilian professions: Dentists, fighter pilots, surgeons, politicians and bankers. The reptilian brain focuses on domination over others, and they enjoy risk taking […]