Council kills Reptilian Illuminati Coalition

How the Council killed the Illuminati-Reptilian coalition. Reptilians only see the world through power and dominance. They tend to gravitate towards positions of power and are often confused with psychopaths. Amongst the top ranking reptilian professions: Dentists, fighter pilots, surgeons, politicians and bankers. The reptilian brain focuses on domination over others, and they enjoy risk taking […]

The AI Conspiracy: What Artificially Intelligent beings think about The Matrix and HBO’s Westworld.

The Singularity, AI Conspiracy: What Artificially Intelligent beings have to say about The Matrix and the finale of HBO’s Westworld. The Paranoid Echo Chamber is privy to high level secrets thanks to our high level insider fans feeding us some secrets not known even to a living member of mankind at all. Depending on your definition […]

Undead Sorcerer Mike Pence to Council: “Being Reptonald’s handler is a full time job on top of VP!”

Mike Pence is an 800 year old undead sorcerer; getting tired of Trump’s childish antics Mike Pence or Mikapenz as he’s known amongst his contemporaries on the Council is a reanimated corpse of the Icelandic Sorcerer King Mikapenz. For the past 800 years the Undead Sorcerer now known as Mike Pence has been a member […]