You’re probably already a clone.

It may come as a shock to hear that you most likely have already died, possibly multiple times over and been unwittingly replaced by clones. It might be a painful thought to think that your life is not the same one you thought you started with. You may have been born into one body, but fortunately for you that doesn’t matter that much. If you were abducted, drained of all vital fluids by Reptilian agents and woke up in a new clone body, would you know? Of course not! You would wake up in your bed that morning blissfully unaware that just hours ago you’d been brutally murdered and replaced with a clone and were none the wiser.

Why being a clone isn’t such a bad thing

You need to get over the fact that you’re probably already a clone, your “original life” doesn’t matter if you can’t tell and will never know the difference.  If you’ve been cloned your reality isn’t going to be any different than the reality you had in your original pre-drained body. Being drained of your vital fluids only means that the Reptilians saw potential in you and something to gain from your unique chemical composition. The fact that you were chosen, drained and re-brained (DRB as they call it) only means that you are of value to society and contain high quality vital fluids.

Why do the reptilians bother to clone you after draining your vital fluids?

Reptilians need to keep the knowledge of their fluid harvesting conspiracy to an absolute minimum and will never leave . If reports of bodies with large puncture holes and drained vital fluids started showing up in the media there would be a lot more people asking questions. The biggest problem with draining vital fluids is the “full drain” or “6 course meal” which will kill most humans. The clean up is essential to maintain their secrecy, it’s up to us to stop them. If you suspect that you or anyone you know may be a clone contact the Paranoid Echo Chamber for assistance today!

Why do the Reptilians want my vital fluids?

Reptilians seek only to control and dominate society, by obtaining powerful leadership positions in politics, business and other influential institutions like higher education. The taste of a freshly harvested vital fluid, in Reptilian eyes, is the height of existence and what every Reptilian lives for. The flood of all the sweet hormones and chemicals is often an overwhelming and addictive experience for Reptilians. In their hunt for power they’ve been forced to give up their love of eating humans and their vital fluids carefree and have to carefully control their urges to manage their thirst for humanity’s vital fluids.

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