The Council

The Council of Undead World Leaders was founded in Mesopotamia thousands of years ago by the first cleric of the dark arts named Shiandu. Shiandu was a powerful figure in the community in addition the head cleric he was also the owner of multiple businesses. Shiandu was shown the secrets of reanimating the dead and maintaining eternal life by the early Xenu-Reptilians that agreed to show him technology in exchange for his connections.

The Council of Undead World Business Leaders was born when Shiandu decided that he needed a streamlined power structure where only the most important members of his council would be present. Among powerful leaders of business Shiandu also included major political figures; in essence anyone powerful enough to get things done.

The Council originally was founded in modern day Iraq or Mesopotamia but now operates in multiple countries and continents including most of the Middle East, most of Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and more.

Are Werewolves, Vampires a creation of the Council?

Some attribute beings such as Werewolves and Vampires to the council which may well be true. The life extending technology the Xenus de veloped when they gave them the ability to alter their genetic code and extend life as well as develop man-animal hybrids such as Werewolves. The Council operates in all manners of business, government, statecraft and every aspect of world trade, culture and more. The council traditionally is not as effective as culture and entertainment as the Illuminati

The dead walk, and gouge too.

International trade has been victim to unscrupulous business practices such as Price Fixing, International Money Laundering and Tax Evasion almost as long as the modern economic system has been in place. Financial crimes are the pillar on which the rich stand tall above the rest in protecting their massive fortunes. Throughout history there has been a great deal of organization through financial crime and tax evasion spreading far and wide. How do the undead walk the earth AND gouge the common man via trade cabals? In the 8th Century when the great profit realized that the salty waters of the dead sea had the properties to raise the dead when blessed by Clerics of the Pagan God Karthus. Once they realized that they could continue to manage their finances well after their death and formed a financial council more powerful than the world bank.


Prominent Members throughout History



One of the most important leaders within the council is one of the few remaining original founders: Nostradamus parleyed his fortune into one of the oldest and wealthiest grain cabals in the world; which earned him a seat on the council which was in it’s infancy at the time. After his death the council saw to his request to be revived via the holy dead sea salts and thus the undead council of international business leaders was born.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith

Author of “The Wealth of Nations”, Adam Smith initially angered the council by revealing their underhanded tactics in his book. The council sought out John after they realized he was too knowledgeable and without firsthand knowledge was on the cusp of exposing them with his mentioning of “the invisible hand” in business. After initially refusing the council’s offer to join Smith was threatened by the Black Hand, the militaristic arm of the council responsible for their various assassinations.


Gandhi was born into a family from a wealthy background, and though he had forsaken his wealth in his life’s quest for social justice, after his death things changed quite dramatically.Undead Gandhi’s stance on helping the poor changed dramatically to  keeping poor people down. His former life’s mission was unsuccessful and vowed his undead life would be one of wealth. The council needed his influence and upon his death agreed to grant him immortality through the ancient Xenu technology.


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