How the Council killed the Illuminati-Reptilian coalition.

Reptilians only see the world through power and dominance. They tend to gravitate towards positions of power and are often confused with psychopaths. Amongst the top ranking reptilian professions: Dentists, fighter pilots, surgeons, politicians and bankers. The reptilian brain focuses on domination over others, and they enjoy risk taking behavior. For a while the Reptilian politicians, under the leadership of Barack Obama in 2008 decided to "play ball" with the liberal Illuminati agenda. For the past 8 years under Obama's leadership the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition was founded on the strength of Barrack, but as his time is passing they decided they no longer needed the Illuminati they once worked with. By sowing the seeds of discord in summer 2016 the Council helped Reptonald when the Illuminati turned their back on him.

The Conservative Bohemian Grove Chapter Illuminati have a history of opposing the Reptilians.

The Bohemian Grove Chapter of the Illuminati, named for their beloved blood orgy playground in the woods,  were the slave owning members of the founding fathers and are the far right of the Illuminati. Reptilians are seen as "new money" to the Illuminati politicians. Up until the late 1960s the Reptilians weren't able to hold office, until they colluded on the Kennedy Assassination they weren't established. The Illuminati have had their hand in Politics since the foundation of the country  as well. The political dynasties of America, including the Freemasons have long had ties with the Illuminati such as George W Bush. Bush was a top ranking Illuminati of the Bohemian Grove Chapter, the right wing political sect of the Illuminati. Bush publicly spoke out against Reptilians in a 2002 State of the Union address

Why the Reptilians chose The Council

Things are in a state of chaos at the moment, which is the perfect time for subterfuge. The number of international incidents involving Naval Encounters is seemingly at a record high between the US, China, Russia & Iran which all have history of anti-Illuminati or council affiliation. With Reptonald taking the reigns the Reptilians all saw his allegiance with The Council as the OK to begin to slowly disband the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition. The Council had long been sowing the seeds of discord, and Russia's involvement in tampering with the election is evidence of that. Although many Reptilians have had bad interactions with the Council during the Cold War, they knew they needed their help to defeat the Illuminati.

What does this mean for the Illuminati?

Jeb! and Reptillary may be licking their wounds, but the shattered Reptilian Illuminati coalition will begin to gestate in the darkness to return as a newer more virulent strain of controller. Now with the mantle of defeated unjustly and now oppressed the Illuminati will continue their non-stop public assault on Reptonald. This however, emboldens the Reptilian supporters who find any form of attention positive or negative to be a sign of strength. Obscurity is the greatest defeat for a Reptilian, and now Reptillary may be running for Mayor Of New York to try to break that. Reptillary will form a new coalition with her fellow liberal Reptilians who didn't jump ship, although most did.