The problem with challenging other’s beliefs is that more often than not, all you’ve managed to do is waste time and introduce needless conflict. If you have a problem with someone who earnestly believes that the Earth is flat and you wholeheartedly believe that they are wrong, what could you do to convince them? The natural instinct may be to show them pictures from space, videos, podcasts or any other rational cogent explanations that prove Flat Earth theory completely wrong.

Flat Earthers

 So why doesn’t science or logic work against the majority of Flat Earthers? People can use logic and data against Flat Earthers and yet they will without second thought deny all of it as hoax or conspiracy. It’s not the quality of your information, which is uncertainly sound with centuries of evidence to point to. So what is it that makes them so sure that they are right? Why do the Flat Earthers ignore your facts no matter how simple and good? No matter what you say it’s just more evidence in their eyes that the grand conspiracy is real. All you are doing is reinforcing their belief that they are right because you are trying to silence them.

Taking their argument at face value, what would the“Technocratic Conspiracy” have to gain from lying to people that the Earth is round? It’s hard to profit off of said conspiracy and would take unprecedented coordination, so for argument’s sake suppose Flat Earthers believe that there is more in it for the Technocrats than just lying about the shape of the globe. For argument’s sake assume they also believe that it’s also a grand conspiracy to fool the people and profit from the illusion. It’s such magical thinking that it should be considered a religious belief.

Considering that the Flat Earthers are taking a position that is more or less Evangelism, would you try to convince a “true believer” that they are wrong? Would you think that convincing an Evangelist he or she is misguided have any chance of success and be anything else but a complete waste of your time? Of course not, most fanatics are simply waiting to argue all day – they cherish the opposition. That is precisely the same “need for opposition” that internet trolls are fulfilling. Trolls relish in ‘winning arguments’ and driving regular people nuts – just like Evangelists.

Don’t be confused by the argument, we Paranoid Echo Chamberers do not hate Evangelism or Flat Earthers in principal. Theoretically, as long as they live peaceful happy lives if they want to believe in crazy bullshit and that helps them then we are all for it. What we are staunchly opposed to are religions or belief systems that only exist to control and oppress people. When institutions use their lies to dominate others those beliefs deserve to be mocked, ridiculed and shut down. When like-minded individuals that peacefully follow the rules of society, who gives a shit what crazy bullshit they espouse? Would you try to explain to a crazy homeless person that there are no microchips embedded in their brain? 

As far as we can tell, the Flat Earthers are benign and pose no real threat. If you truly want to “defeat” Flat Earthers, use the best strategy known to man defeat any troll: ignore them. When Neil DeGrasse Tyson decides to address such an idiotically misguided belief as Flat Earth, he is lending it credibility. All that does in their mind is give them the ammunition of saying “Neil addressed it, he’s clearly part of the conspiracy!” When a celebrity responds to an internet troll, the troll has won. The same goes for the assholes who will say awful things to people, if they never got a response they would stop doing it. It’s no fun to troll people if they ignore you, but making people spin their wheels waste time explaining why the earth is probably tons of fun for trolls. Forget about winning an argument with an Evangelist, and simply turn the other cheek.