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Why Flat Earthers deserve your respect.

Flat Earthers are people too. If you’re not up with the current trends of the internet or “memes” there are people in their own Paranoid Echo Chamber that believe that all of accepted fact in Astronomy is false and that the earth is flat. It’s baffling to consider such a monumental leap in logic and distrust in society, but that does not mean that these people deserve to be ridiculed or dismissed. Does holding an unconfirmable belief contrasting with modern science make the 2.2 billion Christians in the world all worthy of public ridicule as well?

Like fashion, the acceptance of knowledge and popular wisdom fluctuate between the generations. Much like the “ironic” facial hair of yesteryear making a comeback with today’s young hip and extremely cool, so have archaic beliefs. To the Flat Earthers credit, unlike Hipsters, they are reaching much further back than adopting the stylings of a 1920’s goat herder.

For the Flat Earthers simply going back a century was not “hip” enough – they went “OLD SCHOOL” by questioning the concept of a “round earth” originating with Pythagorus  in 500 BC to Galileo in 1600 AD. So you may be curious as to why Flat Earthers exist again today when they’ve been gone for so long? In order to properly answer why someone would question logic scientifically proven for centuries is not a simple answer. To frame “WHY FLAT EARTH” you must first examine the circumstance of today’s society:

  1. We live in an Orwellian society where all information can be tainted with the uncertainty regardless of how credible it was once considered.
  2. What was once accepted fact for centuries can now be undone with a simple meme.
  3. The internet (AKA Ultranet) is the ideal breeding ground for terrible ideas – where Paranoid Echo Chambers enable others to confirm their own incorrect warped view of society.
  4. We are bombarded with so much information without any sort of fact checking at a faster rate than ever before conceived .
  5. People now more than ever indulge in oppositional thinking where they would rather argue an incorrect point than concede to a correct or factual point.
  6. Deep mistrust of any and all things regardless of whether they are considered factual.

Flat Earthers

Given the lack of confirmed information and the increase in “trolling” it’s no wonder people are so confused as to actually believe in Flat Earth. Believing in Flat Earth is about as confirmed as believing in Jesus or Allah. Given the number of people that worship Christianity or Islam, Flat Earth still has a long way to go. So the real question is why DON’T you believe in Flat Earth?

flat earthers

Seeing as most of us will never go to space, does that mean that we will never have the chance to confirm whether the earth is flat?  Does holding an unconfirmable or incorrect belief in your mind really matter? A Why do you care what somebody believes if it doesn’t affect you? Much like religion, someone’s beliefs no matter how incorrect should not bother you. Does your “knowledge” of the earth being round really make you feel that they are wrong more than your belief in an unconfirmed myth like God?

Flat Earthers

So if you’re currently struggling with the WHY and HOW of Flat Earth simply reframe your attitude on it. I don’t believe in God (as proven by the heretical content of this website) yet I am not disturbed by the fact that others believe in something I cannot confirm. The same sort of intellectual boundaries should be applied to the Flat Earthers.

Whatever their justification for believing the Earth is flat, I nor you should not be upset or have your worldview shaken by their belief in the impossible. We all have the right to choose to believe in science, history, and the lack of a massive worldwide conspiracy to delude humanity (obviously excluding the existence of Reptilians, Illuminati, and other CONFIRMED truths of the world.)

Does believing in a completely unvalidated claim like the world is flat or an immortal man in the sky is guiding humanity really so different? Rather than caring about someone’s religious beliefs whether they be the son of god was nailed to two conjoined pieces of wood for our sins or the earth being flat, simply acknowledge that what they say is most likely complete horseshit but respect their right to that opinion and go on about your business.

This same logic applies to any doubters of the existence of the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition. Us “Paranoid Echo Chamberers” would kindly ask that you respect our beliefs and not challenge them. Challenging a flat earther not only is a waste of time, it could be considered religious persecution. So respect others right to believe and simply ignore the Flat Earthers like you would any Bene Gesserit, Seventh Day Adventist or other legally protected belief structure.



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