The Big Fat 3.35 Trillion Dollar Healthcare Conspiracy

Why the big fat lie persists.

We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” 

-John F. Kennedy

Anyone with a pair of working eyes could tell you that Americans are fatter than they’ve ever been. For the past 40 or 50 years America and by extension the world has exploded with diabetes and obesity. Not coincidentally the rates of obesity and diabetes continue to grow exponentially since the origins of Healthcare Conspiracy  created by Reptilian Dr. Ancel Keys. They have 3.35 trillion reasons to keep telling us to eat whole grains and that red meat and cholesterol clog your arteries which is unproven and based off faulty science. Doctors forced into giving us cures for diseases that we make up or inflict upon ourselves which is why Americans spent an average 10,345$ on healthcare last year.

Statins: The 30 Billion Dollar Baby.

Americans aren’t fat because they’re lazy, they’re fat because the advice they listen to is wrong. he healthcare conspiracy has been telling everyone for decades that cholesterol clogs your arteries. Redefining what an unhealthy level of cholesterol is helped build the $30,000,000,000+ cholesterol medication industry. There is not one shred of credible factual evidence to support the cholesterol theory, despite nearly every working medical professional doling out this deadly advice. What actually clogs your arteries is plaque, which is caused by inflammation not created by consuming saturated animal fat or cholesterol. Your body creates its own cholesterol whether or not you consume it dietarily , there’s no evidence that cholesterol is bad for you despite the persisting lie.

Why they’re so quick to put the blame back on you.

Doctors and modern medicine love to turn their bad advice around telling people that it’s their fault, that your unmanaged desires for food and lack of discipline are the reason behind your obesity. All this does is take the responsibility for the obesity epidemic off the Healthcare Conspiracy and their terrible advice.  Putting the blame on us, making us feel as though we aren’t good enough and are desperately in need of their expensive cures like statins. We’ve been lied to, told to believe that somehow if we eat our Wheaties and exercise for an hour a day we’ll be healthy despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. This is the reason that marathon runners often actually gain weight, your body is not an engine running off gasoline.

Insulin is not your friend.

All you need to know about weight loss is that weight gain is hormonal. Managing your insulin and insulin resistance are all you need to know about weight loss. You could eat 500 calories a day and if your insulin levels were high enough you would still gain weight, because your body is not a car. If your blood sugar and insulin are under control, so will your weight. Ignore the advice of all healthcare professionals and listen to your own body you will be on the road to recovery. For more in depth information on the science of weight loss read more.

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