Mossad is the militant sect of the Council of Undead World Leaders. Mossad would love you to log into your facebook from your home IP address and see what you and all of your friends are doing, saying, where they are, what they’re buying, and just about everything people volunteer to foreign and domestic agencies via social media.

NSA-parody-logo-black.tifCentral Intelligence Agency [CIA] [EMBLEM+Logo][1.5]

The NSA is the digital weapon in the war       The CIA was founded by Truman who was

chest of the Illuminati. They thrive on data,  a famous Reptilian and used them to further

power and sadomasochism. They imbed         his need to extract vital fluids from the masses.

mind control software in social media.         They are known to eat whole villages of children.

How to protect yourself from the enemy:

Anonymize your email address

Anonymize your IP Address

Delete all social media accounts or if you must keep them change your names and delete all information.

Start finding out the truth in a trusted source like Paranoid Echo Chamber and don’t listen to lying social media which is opera