The Truth has limitations while Lies are limitless.

If fact is rigid to a degree like a steel beam than lies are like the silicone tubing that feed into a 3-D printer, shapeable, malleable and easily constructable into whatever the liar chooses to portray. Telling the truth has limited variables, there is only what happened as you know or experienced it, which can be biased by your interpretation and analysis of what happened. Beyond that there aren't that many variables on reporting what is true, which makes it very difficult to adopt as business model for dishonest individuals and corporations that rely on bending the truth to accomplish their goals and meet their year end earnings quota. This is not news for most readers who already have been soured by the lie ridden media, who have been forced to search out alternative more credible sources like Paranoid Echo Chamber. What is new for most is the complete lack of accountability and transparency from the government and the news.

Why controlling the perception of "Truth" is an invaluable tool.

Like the Tobacco Corporations and countless other Industrial Titans that control the market with an iron fist, shaping public perception is immensely important to the reputation and their ability to sustain their position. The concept of shaping public perception using the truth works as long as the company's message is resoundingly louder and far reaching than their opposition, the truth. Once a company or institution is successfully able to shape the truth; what are the consequences? The consequences are numerous but lack of accountability, inability to effectively discuss the issues, obfuscation of information and the ability to present information without question are all problems the media has already begun to grapple only a few short weeks into Reptonald's reign. Being criticized for poor decisions, misdeeds, and more don't "stick" when there are thousands of claims at once and almost no acknowledgement. The same tactic that aided his campaign has transitioned into what seems like an endless parade of criticism met with no acknowledgement. The Simpsons called this "Three Stooges Syndrome", where so many negatives all are competing at the same time, cancelling eachother out to create a balanced system. 

Where will the lies go from here?

How far will the lies go? Will Reptonald be able to deny the existence of the noses on our faces if he slowly breaks the public will to defy him over the years? This remains unclear, for now we can say with conviction that they will continue to lie as hard as they possibly can get away with. Many are eager to see Trump be impeached and held accountable for helping to shatter America's credibility, that is not the most likely outcome. Chances are, Trump will continue his presidency for at least four years even if persistently challenged the whole way by rational Americans tired of the lies.  Some have even begun to hypothesize that Trump will break free of his human shell and reveal his true Reptilian body before the public if the oppositional media continues to wage war challenging his every move. We at Paranoid Echo Chamber hope that Reptonald will out himself as the man lizard hybrid he is, if only so the public can begin to accept that the truth is more complicated than any fiction or lie.

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[…] For years now, the global internet community have turned into something of a social justice lynch mob relishing in destroying people they label as villains, often out of context, leaving permanently damaging results. The phenomenon behind the “collective joy of the righteous kill” is seen as a way of “purging” by striking down those they perceive as unfit or unjust. The Illuminati hope to harness these social media lynch mobs as weapons against their enemies, primarily the Reptonald Administration. […]