Illuminati Media distraction


How  Illuminati media distractions have broken your attention span.

Staying focused on real issues is hard when there are so many entertaining but idiotic Illuminati media distractions like Reptillyanne putting her feet on the couch or Russian peepee jokes. For every second the public spends wasted on entertaining media distractions, plenty of deserving and important stories go unnoticed. These calculated entertaining distractions have been tested and tried by top Illuminati scientists to slowly drain your attention, making real news seem boring and uninteresting by comparison.

Pointless distractions are mental junk food at best, mental poison at worst.

We have invited  Illuminati media distractions into our minds like potato chips into our stomach, mindlessly consuming endless amounts without pausing to consider the negative effects on us. The media manipulates  your attention span allowing it to predict what sort of clickbait and idiotic videos to use to help bury important stories from the collective consciousness. With analytics as precise as they are, media analysts can predict how and what stories will capture the public’s attention span with pinpoint precision.

A distracted public is an exploitable public.

It’s not a coincidence that major negative announcements tend to happen around the same time the zeitgeist’s consciousness is consumed by a titillating headline or wild story. Illuminati media distractions like Reptonald’s love of watersports overshadow important stories that don’t get the attention they deserve like Psychologists aiding CIA torture cover up, and Analysis of Death Services a document that which accessed more than 238,657 veterans enrolled for health care died before they received it.

The difference between speculation and elucidation.

Rampant speculation about the Illuminati is also a source of great distraction and many a good meme, which also allows their sinister antics to go unnoticed. While you may be wondering to yourself, how can the Paranoid Echo Chamber of all websites speak against speculating about the Illuminati? To answer your question, other satirical conspiracy websites speculate about the Illuminati but at the Paranoid Echo Chamber we aim to elucidate not speculate. Anyone can blindly throw a dart at the wall and claim to have hit, it’s quite different thing to aim and hit your mark.

 How to get your attention back.

If you find yourself mindlessly checking your phone or social media sites when you don’t intend to you may have a broken attention span. The first step to regaining your mind and focus is to avoid mainstream news for a while. Especially avoid known toxic Illuminati media distractions like Buzzfeed. Once you have detoxed from the mental poison, you must replace it with good content that provides valid in depth analysis and fact to help undo the damage. Focus is a skill, it takes dedication and practice to build it. Good luck regaining your focus from the Illuminati!