Why did the Illuminati plant Ken Bone?

While much of the news of the debate audience was steered directly at the Illuminati plant Ken Bone they missed one of the most crucical "galactic rulers" as he's known: Baron Harkonen. Baron (seen prominently towering over Illuminati plant Bone) named himself after the popular dune character and is a high ranking Reptilian with a deformed large red face and bulging neck. Seated above Ken bone looking down disapprovingly Baron Harkonen wanted to see the shit show first hand. Knowing that Donald Trump was going to be lambasted by the media despite whatever effort he made, Baron decided to revel in the dismay in person.

Baron knew that without a convenient distraction such as bespectacled besweatered Ken Bone Harkonen would be plastered all over the internet rightfully so for his hulking grotesque figure. Baron as a high ranking Reptilian worked his media connections through the Illuminati to provide an equally large red presence: professional stage clown Ken Bone. Ken works in the energy sector by day but as recent articles have revealed a sex and cocaine addicted stage clown by night.
Baron was displeased at Hilary for being unable to "draw the life water" from Trumps body on stage but knew that it was best that the cameras weren't around for that. Trump will be crucified and skewered when the time is right Baron thought to himself, and aboard the Reptilian mothership Xanatar.