Think twice before staring into the latest iPhoneX, unless you enjoy identity theft and being cloned against your will via iPhoneX face scan. iPhoneX identity theft is quickly becoming the hottest scandal you’ve never heard of. It’s being being kept tightly under wraps, and Apple is shelling out tons of dough to keep it quiet.

Technologists believe that the advanced facial mapping software will give Apple something similar to “digital wall of faces” like Braavos from GoT. Insiders believe that Apple is covering their tracks, and have hired dozens of PR firms to cover their tracks – paying people off, falsely attributing it to the russian mafia and other distractions to keep their precious stock price high.


With a goofily shaped, new, overpriced shaped OLED screen and the promise of face scanning technology the global media are abuzz for the latest Apple product. Apple’s latest offering has technologists worried, technology experts Augmentally Challenged fear will facial scans will enable Apple to steal your face, if not clone and replace you.

iphonex identity theft


If you’re not worried about having your identity stolen, consider the following:

You get home, walk in the front door to see a replicant cyborg with your own face sitting across from you. Before your brain can process what you’re looking at, it’s already too late as the cyborg stands over you plunging a cold needle deep in your neck and you drift into a dreamless sleep.

You awaken days later in an Indonesian mining camp, greeted by a dirty bowl of rice and the stiff crack of the whip. Your old life fades away, as your new reality is 16-18 hours a day of backbreaking labor. None of your friends miss you or know you’re gone, because your clone has replaced you.

Your new life will consist of mining for precious minerals, gross manufacturing and other forms of exploitive labor required to build Apple’s latest technology. If you’re lucky they might just put you to work shuffling their pile of money to avoid paying taxes.

Your clone behaves exactly like you, your friends think something is off about you except they can’t put their finger on what’s wrong. You seem exactly the same, except for your newfound affinity for Apple products and willingness to spend endless amounts of money on the Church of Apple.

Feel Good IphoneX Identity Theft & Child Slavery

Apple always has been in the business of selling lies, making you “feel good” about their beautiful technology – all the while gathering more data on you, your location, your posts, your google searches, your emails – all on their devices. A big part of keeping that lie together is hiding their dirty secrets, keeping things under wraps including their iPhoneX identity theft problems.

Apple knows you better than you know yourself, and the second they decide to steal your identity consider yourself the newest member of the global exploited workforce. Apple has always managed to shake off the negative stigma from their global slave market and massive money laundering schemes.

Apple won’t pay taxes on iPhoneX Identity Theft earnings

Apple, which often claims to be a proud American company, owes the US government a lot of money and will not be paying. Like most rich people, taxes are something you can always avoid paying if you know what you’re doing – the way the Council of Undead World Business Leaders intended it to be when they designed the global economy to be rigged for the rich and powerful.

Apple may have billions in revenue that they choose to keep overseas, but that doesn’t make them an immoral company – the child slavery does.

Apple lies to you  for the same reason as Lance Armstrong to protect you!

Apple has always profited off the hard work of child slaves, but lots of big companies do. Don’t judge Apple too unfairly for simply playing by the rules established – Apple is a lot like Lance Armstrong. They can’t help but lie to you, because they make you feel good – and knowing the truth would ruin that good feeling you have about them.

If you are more concerned about continuing to “feel good” about Apple and have no regard for the exploited workforce required to bring it to you, you are part of the problem. You must own up to the fact you have and will continue to financially support blood soaked technology companies. Use your favorite devices with the understanding that your joy was brought to you by the pain and suffering required to get such a magic technological device into your hands.

To cut Apple a break, almost everything in the world is brought to you at the expense of the worker. The exploitation of labor is nearly impossible to get away from,

Is the overall benefit of exploitive labor enough to justify it? Not at all.

Does giving money in effect mean you have essentially financially supported the exploitation of workers? Of course it does.

Do you have to feel bad about it? Not really.

Unless you know you happen to exploit the labor population for a living, there’s no sense in harboring personal guilt for simply taking what’s given to you without questioning it. We all make decisions that adversely affect others, that doesn’t mean we have to rack ourselves with guilt and cry about it all day.

Once you know better, try to make the better of two choices. If you know a company something is doing something wrong, don’t support them. In fact you can even make up rumors about them using their newest technology to steal people’s identity and share them on the internet to help raise awareness for Apple being exploitative money laundering douchebags.

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