The Illuminati are trying to defeat Kanye West

Kanye West is one of the most influential musicians of all time, and he's the first to admit it.  One thing Kanye West has never been short of opinions, but many fear his words have been silenced by Kanye's Illuminati overseers. Many think his comments at Jay-Z, Beyonce and other "close friends" are suspect and seem out of line. Many have chalked this up to a recurring bout of mania brought on by Kanye West's unaddressed bipolar disorder (many public instances of Kanye shifting between mania, depression & suicidality.)

Is Kanye Bipolar, Exhausted or latest victim of Illuminati Hit Job?

While some are chalking this up to exhaustion or bipolar disorder, our Illuminati Paranoid Echo Chamber insiders say otherwise.
When Jay-z "retired" in mid-2000s he was officially inducted into the Illuminati by Warren Buffett. As part of the initiation ceremony held at the Bohemian Grove, he agreed to forsake all friendships, debts, and obligations foreign and domestic in service of the higher power. With the "Illuminati stamp" Jay Z was granted unprecedented levels of media, finance and more. Going with the narrative that "old rich white guys respect him for his business acumen" when in actuality they needed fresh blood that Jay-Z's fan base provided. The sole factor that the Illuminati seeks in new recruits is their influence over the masses. For social control without any cultural relevance is a lost cause.

Why did the Illuminati wait so long to silence Kanye?

Kanye has been lambasting corporate greed, institutional racism and more for his entire career. See: George Bush doesn't care about black people. Many cite his mother's passing as his transition into a new level of emboldened outspokenness and openness to discussing highly controversial topics. When it worked in the Illuminati's favor such as his rants against the high fashion community run by the Council they allowed it. If Jay-Z was the Illuminati's surgically precise scalpel to cut straight to their core audience, Kanye was their blowtorch burning all in his path. When it was in their favor before Kanye openly declared that Jay-Z had "killers" a clear reference to his on staff Illuminati kill squad, seeing as the "street soldiers" are a thing of the past for fully Corporate Jay.

Is "I'm On my Trump Shit" a sign of  Kanye leaving Illuminati for the Council?

Kanye West may have had his troubles with the Council as previously stated, but given his fashion problems may be a thing of the past as Kanye moves forward with the approval of the Council. With the Illuminati in a state of crisis after the bloody insurrection of 11-9, many don't know how to take Kanye's break from the Illuminati. While they have tried to clamp him down by hospitalizing him (insiders claim to have used the tour's insurance policy of cancellation for hospitalization as an easy explanation for the forced hospitalization) they are having trouble living down the lasting damage he may have caused. As they found out with the election, public opinion is incredibly hard to direct despite their best efforts to steer a win for Reptillary. Will Kanye's new affiliation with Reptonald & the Council make him the latest victim of the Illuminati? Pray for Kanye that they don't.