Trump Kanye

Kanye West’s public rants against the Illuminati: a bridge burned?

There’s a battle brewing between Kanye, Trump, Illuminati in the public. While Kanye’s recent mental collapse due to exhaustion on top of a manic episode of bipolar disorder is surely a factor, many are shocked by the comments Kanye made against Jay-Z and the Illuminati. We covered the mental collapse recently, coming to the conclusion that the Illuminati imprisoned him in the mental facility. Whatever deal Kanye struck with Reptonald J Trump it may be the reason for him being able to be up and about in the world again.

What were Trump Kanye discussing?

Our insiders received some documents sent from the Psychiatric facility that Kanye West was imprisoned in by the Illuminati. The paperwork which came in earlier this week had official government letterheads and the documents were believed to be the threat of audit the Psychiatric Facility from IRS to be refiled on the condition of release of one Kanye West. Knowing that it had to be at least part of the deal, Illuminati insiders are worried about what Kanye may have agreed to. Given his Illuminati adjacency, he’s been something of a black sheep of the Hip Hop chapter of the Illuminati headed by Jay Z, Kanye is considered to “know too much” and will be criticized if not silenced by the media.

Will Trump use Kanye to influence the youth or thrust the dagger deeper into the Illuminati?

It was a clear message to the Illuminati masters: “you don’t own me. I now have one of the most powerful men in the world as an ally, so if you try to silence me there may be a nuclear missile with your name on it.”-Kanye, subliminally, to press. The Illuminati are reportedly furious and will be launching a full-scale counter attack, using all forms of main stream media to further criticize both Trump and Kanye.