The Alt Rept have been attacking and harassing people on a variety of websites, social media platforms and comments section to confuse upset and insult all in their path. The Alt Rept have been stirring up digital shit storms for quite some time now, often utilizing confusing and unknown insults like cuck, libtard and snowflake. These childish but effective insults work for a variety of reasons and on a number of different levels by confusing and upsetting their victims. Attacking  any weakness they can, sexual or otherwise, tends to cut deeply and is a source of deep insecurity for many.


“A superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately, and also that what he speaks may be carried out appropriately.

— Confucius, Rectification of names, Analects XIII

Memes can infect your mind like  causing inflammation in your brain, leaving you more susceptible to Reptilian mind control.When ideas travel virally over the internet like a game of telephone, they transform into something much different from what they started as. Memes like Nazi Pepe, Lord Kek, and other Alt Rept (((symbolism))) were designed to offend, upset and wreak havoc and spread virally. Originators of these memes are unaware of how far their creations will travel and what they will turn into.


The word cuck is derived from cokewold, orinated from Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales in 1478. A cuck is a man who accepts that his wife cheats on him and came from a man who had his cock held by his wife. Cuck cuts to the core of male fragility and defending yourself against it only makes you appear to be even more of a cuck. To defend oneself against these mental infections you must simply ignore such comments, to engage is to invite them into your mind. Most men do not have a comfortable enough grasp of their self identity, and potentially their wife’s loyalty to brush off being called a cuck. Cuck is often more effective when chanted repeatedly by groups of Alt Rept.’s like a tribal battlecry.


The phrase “no two snowflakes are alike” is the origin of this insult, which refers to self proclaimed individuality, uniqueness and fragility. Emotions and self identity are disturbing and confusing for most reptilians, so they feel the need to attack ikt. They relish in arbitrarily separating themselves from others that they deem lesser than to elevate themselves. Attacking someone’s self identity can be very cutting. Unlike Cuck and Beta snowflake is frequently used on women and children, unlike beta or cuck which would be ineffective. Snowflake is a favorite go to for conservatives and Alt Rept alike, it defines their view of liberals as self indulgent delusional hippies.


You don’t have to be a literary genius to interpret the meaning of the word libtard, but you may find it confusing and or upsetting to be called a libtard nonetheless. The Alt. Rept. continue their pattern of new or repurposed words that confuse and upset people. While libtard fit’s their pattern of confusing and insulting it’s cruder and less clever than the others.  and was most likely conceived by a teenager. Libtard has it’s roots in the ancient Babylonian word Libyutarda which means my superior, both moral and intellectual.


The Alt Rept. are quick to exploit any available weakness, often the fragile male ego. Beta, submissive to the Alpha, is a go-to insult for a variety of reasons. It is hard to defend against like cuck because the act of denying your beta-hood only makes you appear more “beta.” Leaving insulting and hateful comments, posts and reviews is very time consuming for the Alt Rept Having effective cutting and efficient insults lets them sow more seeds of chaos and dismay in only four letters. Beta is also gratifying insult for the Alt Rept to use because it reaffirms their self image as Alpha.