What is a Vampire or a Lich?

Vampires and Liches refer to two different things. The difference between a lich and a vampire lies within how they are born and how long they live. Liches can live for millennia while vampires mere hundreds of centuries. A vampire was once a human but a Lich was always a lich. Even in the case of vampires born directly from a Lich and a human do not have the same lifespan and powers as a Lich due to the genetics of a Lich being watered down by the human DNA. A lich cannot give birth to another lich, they must be spawned from the dying heart of an old Lich placed in a pool of fresh virgin blood totalling at least 100 liters and allowed to grow for 9 months while the heart regrows by breaking down the fresh blood into a new Lich.

A true vampire must be born in a different way than a human through the birth canal carried in the womb. For a vampire is not a being born alive, they are born dead and the process is a little different. The liches, as the council named them, were born of the  same ancient Xenu technology that the Xenus used to create the man-animal hybrids known as Reptilians (which are the current bodies the Xenus chose to inhabit.)  A lich is similar to a vampire in many ways but is much closer to the ancient vampires in such films such as Blade or Nosferatu where the aged vampire is of different status than his victims. A lich virus spreads from the saliva of the lich and infects its victims, which upon death or close to it become susceptible to the virus and are permanently altered into beings with a need to refill it’s red blood cell count continually hence the drinking of blood.

Unlike a regular human which require food water and oxygen the only sustenance that a vampire requires is the fresh life blood of humans, preferably virgins. There is a slight genetic alteration which occurs post coitus/deflowering that has an off putting flavor to most vampires and liches.  For every bit of genetic alteration that occurs through giving birth, the vampires lose some of their superior lich genetics which cause abnormalities such as not reflecting in mirrors. The Lich may have been originally formed from Xenu technology but are inhabitable by Xenus due to their lack of life energy to manipulate. The liches are walking dead and therefore would be poor host bodies for Xenus who chose the man-animal Reptilian bodies to host.