What is a Mexican Thing

A lot of people were confused and or offended by Mike Pence's comments as Mexican people as things. It would be a strange thing for a human to refer to another human as a thing. It wouldn't be strange for a Lich to call a human a thing, much like how a human views a slab of beef as a thing. You buy things from the grocery store, you put things in the oven. Only in Mike Pence's case he does both only he abducts humans from parking lots and puts them in the oven after he's drained their precious life blood to sustain his immortality. The reason Mike Pence slipped up and said such a blunder was his deep association with Mexicans as things he eats. In Indiana Mexicans aren't quite as prevalent as they are in say Southern California so for Pence Mexicans are always a delicacy. The amount of seasonings and peppers in the Mexican Cuisine add a certain delectable flavor to their blood which he particularly enjoys.

Establishment V Progress

The essence of this debate can be boiled down to establishment V progress and Mike Pence stands in the way of progress that Tim Kaine is searching for. Since the foundation of America the Council have been continually seeking control the largely Illuminati America. Even though Donald Trump is in fact a New York Reptilian he knew he would have to have major backing in order to compete with the stronger Democratic Reptilian party. His status as a "New York Reptile" was a humongous controversy amongst the mainly Republican Reptilian base who considered him a dangerous outsider. The Republicans needed the magnanimous Trump to get the popular vote but Trump needed the backing of the Council. The council could care less either way about the outcome of the election but saw this as a chance to strike while the Illuminati Reptilians were at. The Council saw that Donald's chances were high enough to send one of their senior Liches from Indiana to serves as his VP. Without the Council Trump was not considered a viable candidate.

Tim Kaine: The benign Reptilian.

Tim Kaine is the name of the Reptilian host body for the Xenu operator known as Xorloc. Xorloc is considered a very approachable and lovable Reptilian, even by Reptilian standards. The leadership of the Democratic Reptilians wanted to soften the edge of Reptillary's seemingly unfriendly and cold nature. Ironically Xorloc chose the name Kaine as a reference to the biblical Cain, which he thought would make him tougher despite his soft "friendly dad" appearance. Xorloc eventually decided that his new role would be that of the benign dignitary and would gain his power through smiling and handshaking his way to the top rather than the physical dominance other Reptilians such as Trump attempted.

Kaine went into the debate knowing that public perception was in his favor. As a short friendly looking "dad" he had much of a physical advantage than the lich Pence whose sour expressions were unalterable unlike Pence who could "get a tune up" on his Reptilian mothership whenever he pleased. The Reptilians have been gunning for the council since the foundation of America. The original signers of the declaration of independence were indeed Reptilian and have been holding a grudge against the Council for many years. For the Democratic Reptilians this is more than just maintaining power but about getting back at their old masters.

Mike Pence was not born as traditional humans are born.pince

Deep within the Transylvanian wilderness Mike Pence was pulled out of a pool of blood with eyes glowing bright red. A vampire or lich baby as young Pence (or Mikapenz his given vampire name) is born cold with a heart not beating, due to the fact that vampires do not require oxygenated blood and have no need for their hearts or being "alive" as we know it today. Unlike a regular human which require food water and oxygen the only sustenance that a vampire requires is the fresh life blood of humans, preferably virgins. There is a slight genetic alteration which occurs post coitus/deflowering that has an off putting flavor to most vampires and liches. Mike Pence's daughter as pictured in the photographic evidence to the right is a vampire and unlike a lich can be born from human flesh with vampiric abilities. For every bit of genetic alteration that occurs through giving birth, the vampires lose some of their superior lich genetics which cause abnormalities such as not reflecting in mirrors.

A true vampire must be born in a different way than a human through the birth canal carried in the womb. For a vampire is not a being born alive, they are born dead and the process is a little different. The liches, as the council named them, were born of the  same ancient Xenu technology that the Xenus used to create the man-animal hybrids known as Reptilians (which are the current bodies the Xenus chose to inhabit.)  A lich is similar to a vampire in many ways but is much closer to the ancient vampires in such films such as Blade or Nosferatu where the aged vampire is of different status than his victims. A lich virus spreads from the saliva of the lich and infects its victims, which upon death or close to it become susceptible to the virus and are permanently altered into beings with a need to refill it's red blood cell count continually hence the drinking of blood.