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Obama and the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition


Obama’s Passing of the Torch To Reptillary.

The Reptilian Illuminati Coalition was founded when Illuminati council member Bill Clinton met the Reptile Queen Reptillary back before he was president. Traditionally the reptiles and the Illuminati were forced to deal in separate territories and would co-opt different segments of the population. With the founding of the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition, the Reptilians were now given free reign to walk amongst us regular humans. The Illuminati gained powerful backing and was able to push out The Council with a power move who had traditionally blocked the Reptilians.


Bernie Sanders has been a longtime affiliate of The Council

Sanders was pushed out of the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition after his false hope campaign of “free college, free debt, free weed” or the “kAmericarica free again” and finally amongst the council “plan f.” The council was displeased at their being shut out after the rise of the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition but paid off a one Donald Trump, known radical independent reptile and sometimes collaborator with the council. Donald Trump had no agenda going into the race besides to discredit the council and boost Senator Sanders into office.

Obama was the greatest Reptilian Illuminati Coalition figurehead they could have asked for, but his time is almost up.  The Reptilians will soon be backing their candidate Donald Trump and the Illuminati will be backing Reptillary. While everyone knows Reptillary is a Reptilian her kinfolk do not think she has “the spine” like Donald. It’s a shame that Obama will be overtaken by either as he is vastly superior to either.

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