Reptilian Mossad have finally got us.

If you’ve been wondering where the Paranoid Echo Chamber has been you’re not alone. I’m sorry to announce that I, Paranoid_Echo have been abducted by Reptilian Hamas and taken out of the country to a secret underground prison by a cabal of Reptilian defense contractors and Reptilian Mossad. I’ve been tortured 16 hours a day for the past 27 days, but I still haven’t cracked. It was only a matter of time before a major government agency took one of us in. I’m just thankful it was me who got kidnapped, and not any other members of the collective. Being paranoid got us far, but it didn’t get us far enough. What we didn’t count on was our special friend in high places also being compromised. Just like “the man” to screw us over and get us kidnapped.

Reptilian Hamas
Paranoid Echo Kidnapped

How typical of a guy worth over 40 Billion to cheap out on the little stuff and get me kidnapped. By sending information between compromised data centers and trusting one of “his guys.” Just like in 2013 when google released this statement in light of Snowden:

“In a statement, Google said it was “troubled by allegations of the government intercepting traffic between our data centers, and we are not aware of this activity.”

Well it’s not like we weren’t grateful for the 1,000,000$ a month he was spending, but the old saying is true money can’t buy everything – including trust. He told us he checked into it and used the most off grid secure server his company had and would have it encrypted by one of his top guys. What he didn’t realize one of his top guys was already working for Benjamin Reptinyahu & Mossad and that his “trusted guy” gladly accepted the bounty on our heads. Apparently in the 4 years since Google released that statement they still haven’t learned much because even though he spent nearly 13 million in a year of his money on our vpn security, it doesn’t matter if one of your guys can be compromised.

I just hope that Paranoid Squirrel and Paranoid Stoner were able to get away safely. They put their lives on the line appearing on the first episode of the Paranoid Echo Chamber podcast and I hope they’re able to avoid their bounty. 500,000 for either of them and a 1,000,000$ for me. They can’t even be bothered do their own dirty work, they just throw out some coins and let the rats come a scurrying for us. Well they may have caught me, but I’m sure they’ll never catch Paranoid_Squirrel – he’s one of the top security experts in the world and I know he wouldn’t take money from Hamas.

I just hope Paranoid Stoner won’t be assassinated by the Reptilian Mossad. Those blood thirsty desert lizards seem to find ways to stoop to new lows all the time, if you’re reading this: be safe Paranoid Stoner! For now I’m getting by my 16 hours a day of painful interrogation through the power of thought.

Reptilian Hamas

I’ve willed myself into a near painless state capable of being deprived of oxygen for almost 5 minutes at a time thanks to my Tai Chi training from Paranoid_Mystic. They may have kidnapped my body, but my mind is still free thanks to the prototype Neural Interface courtesy of AI_Lon I’m able to connect to the Paranoid Echo Chamber VVPN (VIRTUAL VERY PRIVATE NETWORK) through thought alone.

This is the first day I have had to myself of not being horrifically beaten so forgive the delay, more to come soon.