Paranoid Echo Chamber proudly presents our exclusive for anti-mind control, sleep aids and perfect mental health without inhibiting precious paranoia.




For all of us who can’t find our keys, can’t seem to “get our shit together” don’t internalize your problems, EXTERNALIZE them! If you’ve had trouble thinking, maintaining energy levels or find your paranoia “can’t be harnessed effectively” look no further! The Paranoid Echo Chamber anti-mind control pills are guaranteed to get your shit back together.

Humanity and Autonomy’s greatest minds have helped us assemble the greatest vitamin supplement the reptilian’s don’t want you to have. If you’re not visiting this site through a VPN, you may want to order these vitamins to a PO Box. Once the Reptilians know you will be able to defend yourself from their mind control you’ll be on their watchlist.


Do you suspect you’ve lost some of your vital fluids recently? While some Reptilians like our President choose to collect their vital fluids via syringe, the most common way was and always will be to absorb your vital fluids rectally.

While this anti-probe device also doubles as an anti-penetration device as well. Sleep easier knowing your vital fluids will stay right where they need to be safe in sound in the sanctity of your body.