You don’t get to molest and ejaculate on dozens of public figures and potted plants cheaply, even if you are one of the most powerful Reptilians in Hollywood.

Reptilian Harvey Weinstein was able to get away with harassing women and plants for decades, without public scrutiny was only made possible by his Reptilian contacts and his network of spies. The latest reports indicate that  Harvey Weinstein has paid out tens of millions of dollars to keep his disgusting habits to himself.

Deep within his Reptilian DNA is a desire to ejaculate on people, but especially potted plants. They find the subtle earth and soft fern to be sexually arousing and have the same biological imperative to inseminate potted plants the same way humans have an inborn desire to procreate.

Harvey Weinstein like most Reptilians gains pleasure and satisfaction over the domination and humiliation of others. In the Reptile world, compassion and interdependence is secondary to their biological imperative to dominate and humiliate everyone they possibly can.

So what, or who enabled Harvey to get away with his disgusting activities? A few private security firms such as Black Cube and Kroll. Kroll is more or less entirely Reptilian, including in name. Black Cube, like most ex-Mossad, have ties to both Illuminati and Reptilian. In order to hold their geographical position, Israelis have to take all the help they can get.

Mossad have ties to both Reptilian and Illuminati

Israelis have more complicated views of morality than most Americans and are willing to accommodate Reptilian clients. So if Harvey was being protected by the Illuminati and the Reptilians, why are we hearing about all of his disgusting dirty laundry?

Keeping things under wraps was a hell of a lot easier before everyone was seconds away from instantaneous communication at the touch of a finger. While stories and rumors will always be able to circulate, the Illuminati does a great job of protecting its own.

The Illuminati chooses to fight the overflow of information by drowning the truth with a sea of lies. The pace at which information comes to us is faster than we can ever handle, let alone bother to independently fact check. So why did the Illuminati finally let Reptilian Harvey Weinstein’s dirty laundry out to air? Is it because they finally have decided to grow a conscious and help put a stop to the molestation and rape of women and children throughout Hollywood?

Of course not, don’t be silly. The only reason the Illuminati is pretending to grow a conscious is simply that they can no longer control the public the same way they used to. They can only steer public opinion and suppress information for so long, at a certain point they have to change their tune.

Like the pedophilic priests they helped keep quiet (the Illuminati loves the Catholic church and all its mysticism and secrets) they could only fight off the truth for so long. The interesting thing is when they’ve been revealed to be protecting scumbags and rapists they simply walk away.

The Illuminati more than anything else must protect their secrecy and reputation. None of their members can be linked to bad reputations like Harvey.  The Illuminati will protect you until the moment they can’t, then not only do they no longer protect you – they turn on you and turn you into a scapegoat to get the public scrutiny off them.

What’s next for Reptilian Harvey Weinstein?

A life of shame, all of his professional clout stripped of him and all his companies, tv shows and movies will undoubtedly be stripped from him. Being a reptilian scumbag has its price, and if there’s any justice the potted plants will have their day.

You see, the potted plants have no voice – no advocate. We here at the Paranoid Echo Chamber think it’s only right to be the advocate for the voiceless plants. They must not be ejaculated on, they are living beings under the sun just like us – and though we can’t communicate with them everyone should be able to agree that they don’t want to metabolize your semen through their roots.

So please, cum on the floor, your hand or anywhere but in a potted plant – and definitely don’t abuse your power to sexually harass and humiliate women. It’s disgusting that he was able to get away with so much filth for so long, so keep an eye on your bosses and use the power of your voice to out them and destroy their reputation like they deserve.

The only way to stop a Reptilian is to deliver them to justice, their strength comes from silence. You must fight against the Reptilians, not only do they want to control your mind but they actively want to enslave, humiliate and dominate humanity.

The Reptilian’s drive for domination, power and subjugation of the weak can be tied to the reptile evolutionary biology. When the alien Xenus created the reptilians 65,000 years ago after the Toba Catastrophe, they not only found their beautiful bright colors to be undeniably attractive but loved their killing spirit.

You see the cold-blooded reptile only knows two things, kill and eat. The Xenus saw this as an admirable, almost Randian philosophy – on their world everyone was forced to cooperate which is why the angry bitter Xenu outcasts traveled across the universe to find a new planet to populate – and they found earth. Once they fell in love with the exotic and beautiful lizards of Papua, New Guinea they were unable to control themselves in 60,000 years of mindless reptilian lust and bloodshed.

After other civilizations made contact with the Xenus they discovered that they could find more prey, more bloodshed and more potted plants to ejaculate on by shapeshifting into human form using their advanced alien technology.