Reptilian Paul Ryan attempts to destroy the Affordable Care Act.

This week Reptilian Skink Paul Ryan made strides this week towards destroying socialized healthcare with the American Health Care Act. The boasts of “increasing freedom” are a shoddy distraction so the House of Rep(tilian)resentatives can dissect and destroy government sponsored health care bills. Reptilians like Paul Ryan want achieve their goals without the bad stigma of “eliminating” socialized health care, so they propose legislative garbage like the American Health Care Act. Reptilian Skink Paul Ryan is giving Americans more freedom, the freedom to be robbed blind by the loopholes written in the American Health Care Act.

“[American Health Care Act] lowers premiums, stabilizes the market, gives people more choice and freedom. ” -Paul Ryan

Why do Reptilians oppose socialized healthcare?

The concept of helping others, using knowledge and technology to better your community is fundamentally anti-Reptilian in thinking. Reptilians view the world as a zero-sum game, where people can only improve their status in society over the downfall of others. Reptilians prefer all humans be as sick, weak, and disorganized as possible so they can impose their will unchallenged. By monetizing the healthcare system: forcing doctors into massive debt in effect shackling them to the rules of the broken system the Reptilians were able to create one of the most broken Healthcare systems the world has ever known. Through the double edged sword of bad nutrition and fake medicine the elite have found the modern equivalent to “bread and circuses” which enables them to stay in power and continue their zero-sum game.

How Reptilians use Ancient Roman ruling tactics to control Americans.


“… Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses “ -(Juvenal, 100AD)

In ancient Rome, the elite were able to rule without revolt using the concept of “bread and circuses” as the satirical poet Juvenal phrased it. By keeping the peasants alive with bread and distracted with circuses, the empire could expand exponentially without worrying about citizens revolting over the Empire not providing quality standards of living. Grains are far easier to stockpile transport and process to feed the masses than food that is actually nutritious. Reptilians in the US government make sure that grains remain subsidized and available to fatten up the livers of the masses.

How Reptilians have fooled you with the “circus” of The American Dream.

The opportunity to rise above your socioeconomic status and achieve equality is the supposed “American Dream”, which today is more likely to plausibly achieved in Canada. Claiming to have “the people’s best interests in mind” Reptilians have attacked socialized healthcare as a toxic crutch responsible for destroying self reliance. The argument that “we are all equally capable of success” strengthens their case that self reliance and self sustainability are diminished by the free lunch of socialized healthcare. Reptilians believe that helping members of lower societal status will only contribute to their own demise. By keeping Americans sick, weak and diseased the Reptilians maintain their status and tighten the noose of social control on the average struggling American.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseased liver on toast: a Reptilian’s favorite dish!

Like French pate’, the fatty liver of a grain fed human is among the most cherished Reptilian delicacies. The term non alcoholic fatty liver disease did not exist until Reptilian hack Ancel Keys transformed modern nutrition for the worse. By convincing humans that grains would be “heart healthy”, they were able to start fattening up livers for harvesting. Ancel Keys pushed Health Professionals around the world on the concept that grains were healthy and saturated fat from animals was the source of heart disease despite no real evidence to support it. The lies you have been fed your entire life, that sugar and grains are healthier than fat, and heart healthy grains will make you lose weight are from Reptilians who only want to eat your fatty, diseased liver spread over toast.

Fatty Liver Disease

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