Jarjar Binks is one of cinema’s most reviled and misunderstood figures.

Like a bucket of cold water tossed into the sleeping face of a cadet during bootcamp, JarJar Binks was a rude awakening for most fans. After decades of waiting and anticipation and for some months of waiting in line, JarJar Binks was a slap in the face to many devoted fans. What they didn’t realize is that is was the slap in the face they desperately needed to free them from their mental prison of Star Wars addiction.  What they didn’t know is that JarJar was made to stop you from destroying yourselves. Like a father who knew what was best for you George Lucas WANTED you to hate Star Wars.

JarJar was Lucas’ commentary on his overly obsessive fans.

Sounds crazy considering how much money the film cost but JarJar was there for 2 reasons. Firstly because George Lucas was more interested in digital filmmaking and having the first computer generated character in a movie than he was the art of filmmaking and storytelling. Secondly because he wanted to get rid of the old nerds who had pestered him into isolation. He had made the original Star Wars films decades ago and was still hounded by millions of angry adult nerds who obsessed over George and his films.

JarJar was the perfect weapon to break hearts, while simultaneously ushering in a new generation of fans.

If you were over the age of 10 you probably found JarJar to be unnecessary and obnoxious, but for young children he was a dose of laughter in what was mostly crappy movie. The protagonist of the film is a child, a film that’s supposed to appeal to children. George was tired of his old fans who were obsessed with reliving the past and instead sought after fresh new ones to provide a new generation of toy buyers, ones who possibly wouldn’t be quite as mean to him.

JarJar is a metaphorical mirror on society.

Entertainment is for children. Children find idiotic things funny. Children also don’t see the subtle racism all around them, like a Jamaican accented walking lizard sidekick. JarJar was George Lucas’ way of warning kids about the pernicious dangers of Reptilian influence. You’re supposed to hate JarJar for what he represents, the reptilian threat: a wolf in sheep’s clothing. JarJar represents the hidden Ills of society, the Reptilian who invaded your living room and stole your child’s heart while simultaneously crushing yours. While public perception of JarJar has shifted with several Darth JarJar theories and more, JarJar is still widely hated by audiences everywhere.