Reptilian Community's Faith in Humanity is at all time low

Despite the political climate cooling down a bit after the bloody insurrection aboard the Reptilian mothership, Reptilian fear and paranoia is at an all time high. Many Reptilians don't know what to believe, and many fear that humanity will uncover and eradicate them under the leadership of Reptonald. Reptilians in general favor America as a country to live in, aside from Papua New Guinea which many consider the true Reptilian Homeland. At least 25% of Reptilians have "considered heading back to Papua or fleeing planet all together." Paranoid Echo Chamber's mothership insider Reptimothy reports that morale and trust are at record low as well. Many are turning to the Paranoid Echo Chamber as a beacon of truth in the troubling times after the monumental paradigm shift of 11-9-16. While many humans fear reptilians, reptilians are now in fear of humans at unprecedented levels never seen before.

Reptilians fear that Reptilian Registration will be next after muslim registry.

With rampant fears amongst Americans as the government change puts the muslim registry on the legislative table, the Reptilians fear that it will only be a matter of time before they are next. The Reptilians are now arguing amongst themselves whether or not it is worth it for them to covertly live amongst the humans when they could be turned on next. With a Reptilian in office, Reptonald J Trump, a known anti-establishmentarian and considered a "human's Reptilian" who is willing to throw his own people out to outer space. While many have considered contacting Reptilian homeworld for potential annihilation of Earth, most argue it's simpler to "wait it out."

Reptilian fear a commodity to be exploited by Conspiracy Theorists

David Korrept, Reptilian leader of the Branch Reptilians, is launching a formal campaign against humans. His claim that Raptor Jesus' teachings have been all but lost to modern Reptaholics and Repistians and has formed a cult in rural communities in Waco Texas. Many believe that David Korrept is using his status as cult leader to exploit his Branch Reptilian followers and impregnate their wives. Vocal anti-Branch Reptilian activists have urged the Reptilian high command to send SWAT Teams and RBI field agents to corner and barricade Korrept and the Branch Reptilians in. High ranking RBI agents claim that the Korept's backup plan is to torch the compound and kill himself as well as the hundreds of Branch Reptilians along with him. Other reports of fanaticism and conspiracy theories spreading throughout the Reptilian community such as Reptilontology and Reptangelism as two of the hottest "fringe religions" on the rise.

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Misconceptions and Facts: Lies and Truth About the Business of Modeling

Humans have to start thinking about the feelings of other non humans. Don’t let Reptonald negatively colour your judgement of Reptilians!