Who, or WHAT are The Reptilians?

The Reptilians, or Xenus as they called themselves originally, came to Earth 75,000 years ago during the Toba catastrophe. The Xenus were small and weak but highly intelligent red and yellow lizard shaped creatures with swollen heads.

At that time they saw that the early humans were of little interest to them besides the opposable thumbs and picked up a few for genetic splicing. They then gathered large reptiles to create man lizard hybrids. The same man animal hybrids George W. Bush of the Illuminati warned us about in the video below starting at 2:32.

Earth had little interest to the Xenus, so they left and came back 72,000 years later and saw that Earth had changed. Now humans were capable of mining their own resources and there were vital organs and juices a plenty for the Xenus aka Reptilians as they now referred to themselves due to their new bodies combined the intellect and opposable thumbs of the human.

The Xenus, now perfectly adapted to their humanoid Reptilian bodies after 72 millennia of perfecting their reptilian bodies, casting their old tiny shriveled red and yellow lizard forms aside had integrated seamlessly into society. While maintaining their Reptilian form they managed to form genetic mutations that allowed their skin to fluctuate between human and reptile.

With this advantage and their tremendous intellect the Reptilians infiltrated business, were responsible for the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and more. Though they faced opposition from the Council the Reptilians were able to blend and infiltrate despite being hunted by the formidable Council

Reptilians also known as Reptiods, Saurians, Draconians are reptile-like humanoids that walk among us in disguise as regular humans. Similar in appearance to Dennis Hopper’s character in the live action “Super Mario Brothers” film they can be humanoid appearing all the way to full walking lizardmen.

The Reptilians have strong ties with the Illuminati, and while their numbers are few their power is known throughout the solar system.

What gives The Reptilians their power?

The vital fluids, juices and hormones from your endocrine system, gonads, ovaries and spleens all contain the essential chemicals for Reptilian reproduction. Unlike humans Reptilians are spawned from tidal pools or hatcheries that require a variety of gathered chemicals and compounds to recreate the environments of their alien homeworld.

By harnessing our vital fluids the Reptilians can:

A) Control your thoughts: by establishing a Mitochondrial connection and rewrite your genetic code the Reptilians gain a ‘DNA backdoor’ into your system. Once they rewrite your genetic code with the Reptilian DNA Backdoor, the Reptilians can access parts of your brain that control various aspects of thought and speech. Most Reptilians can access and control the thoughts of those they’ve “backdoored” from over 100 miles away, and 10X that from their mothership.

B) Technological Superiority: There is no weapon in existence, not even the largest Hydrogen Bomb ever detonated (The Tsar Bomba,  below photographed in 1961 from 100+ miles away) can penetrate the forcefield that the Reptilian mothership AKA “The Farm” hovering 3 vertical miles above Washington, DC providing a place for Reptilians to rest their host bodies and stretch their Reptilian legs while they undergo their permanent regeneration.