Reptillary & the Pantsuited Apocalypse

There’s no question the single worst thing to happen to America since the Council of Undead World Business Leaders sanctioned the Israeli Mossad coordinated 9/11 attacks is the nomination of “Hillary” Clinton as a presidential nominee. While people think that “email servers” and “lying” are the issue thanks to the brainwashing effects of corporate media; they’re unaware of the literal beast lying beneath.

Hillary Clinton, AKA Reptillary, is a 7 foot tall 300 pound reptile

No hyperbole, metaphor of any kind. There is documented proof in photographs of Reptillary climbing into her human form and then having her handlers seal her reptile body in with a latch on her pantsuits. The pantsuits contain cloaking technologies that allow her to walk amongst humans and not appear reptilian. While the pantsuits have been largely mocked by the media they’ve been grossly overlooked by the enlightened community.

Pantsuits: The Perfect Reptilian Disguise


Unlike a dress, a Pant Suit contains both pants and a suit jacket without the cumbersome tie and shirt of a traditional suit. The pantsuit allows for Reptillary to walk amongst us and appear not only safe, but approachable and respectable. Unlike a dress which is more form fitting, pant suits allow for additional room to hide cloaking technologies to conceal her fully reptilian form.

One of the subtle dangers of the Pantsuit is it’s inviting nature. Pantsuits are inherently soothing, they invite a sense of openness and caring. The pantsuit does not exude danger or authority like a suit. The pantsuit, especially the advanced cloaking technology equipped, is the ideal weapon of choice for a Reptilian seeking to walk amongst humans unnoticed.

Why you should fear the Pantsuited Reptilian Uprising


With swarms of freshly created Reptilians, all dressed in their identity concealing pantsuits, the uprising will be swift and destroy the entire population in one horrific day. The pantsuited reptilians will take to the streets and kill every man woman and child.

After Reptillary replaces Obama, the Reptilians will gain even more control. President Obama is currently the only thing standing between the Reptiles complete control of both the house, senate and white house. Obama is strictly Illuminati but is one of the founding members of the Reptillian Illuminati Coalition. Once the Reptilians control the Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court and the Executive Office they will begin their mass infestation.

After Reptillary takes office there will be an average annual increase in Reptilian’s abducting and implanting their Xeno-spawn in the rectum of a human for it to hatch and slowly turn them into full Reptilian.