Hillary Rodham Clinton, or Reptillary as she’s affectionately known amongst the enlightened truth seeking community, has been alive since well before the foundation of America in 1776. When Reptillary was spawned from the Reptilian mothership circling Colonial America she was the largest and most frightening in her hatch group and was given high marks for her shrewdness and aggressive behavior. Her rise to power has been a slow and bloody cagematch to the top, both as Hillary Clinton and as the 7 foot warrior reptilian queen Reptillary.

A young Reptillary was in fact the most aggressive teenage Reptilian on earth and was almost transferred back to the Reptilian-Xenu homeworld of Xanatar for reprogramming before she discovered the cloaking technology pantsuit and blonde wig which were able to calm her savage instincts. When she first stepped off the Reptilian mothership far ahead of her hatch group easily being the most powerful teenage Reptilian in the nation if not the world. There were a few other Reptilians on earth which rivalled her tenacity: Joan of Arc, Cleopatra of the more noteworthy famous female Reptilians.

Reptillary’s aggression would know no bounds as she ruthlessly attempted to insert herself in the political spheres of both human and reptilian politics. Unlike traditional human politics Reptilians could not conform their savage ways and have kept the traditional “passing of the torch” of power to a trial of combat. As the largest female Reptilian or at least the most aggressive Reptillary made short work of her female companions and was faced with an abrupt decision when she found that Reptilian gender politics played a much more serious role than she originally thought.

Despite being the most powerful and most aggressive candidate her then sex slave Bill Clinton aka Reptill as her male puppet while she campaigned for his presidency. She knew his human reputation was stellar and his charisma would carry him from his country roots all the way to the White House. With Reptillary controlling the Reptilian politics with the added protection of being the First Lady she was able to clean house and pave the way for the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition of 2008.


Traditionally Reptilians were interested in working with the Illuminati Politicians but were always most concerned with cornering the Corporate world. To the Reptilians the corporate dollars would always be of more interest and use than political power would be…. until Reptillary realized that human politics would be her edge into gaining grounds with the crusty patriarchal Reptiles that were keeping her from her rise to the role of Xandar or Top Reptilian in charge of the Mothership.

By the time 2008 hit the Xandar who inhabited the human known as Dick Cheney had grown weak and was losing faith with the Republican Reptilians after the whole “Palin” incident. Before she was properly vetted it was too late and the humans had already taken hold of the Illuminati plant (a clone of Tina Fey with less brains and more “balls”) Palin who had been secretly been put into play by The Illuminati with the help of Reptillary for providing the cloning technology which the Reptilians had limited.

After Obama was sworn in and cast Hillary as his Secretary of State she was able to clear house of the Republican Reptilian rulership and ascend to Xandar and cast Dick Cheney out of the mothership. Reptillary bided her time and formed a coalition with Donald Trump to discredit and disband the Republican Party, providing the media distraction for Hillary to annihilate her former opposition. Systematically every Reptilian who opposed her was bought out, kicked out or murdered with the signing of the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition “Get Down or Lay Down” was her decree words stolen from her favorite film: Illuminati’s Rocafella Records produced “State Property.”