Rex Tillerson goes by Reptillerson with his Reptilian peers and goes by T. Rex with close friends. Reptillerson is reopening old wounds still sore since the Crusades by officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and ordering the US Embassy be moved there. This act has been viewed as an act of aggression by many prominent leaders in the Islamic community, many of which are on the council of undead world business leaders.

The rich history of religious dispute throughout human history has always entertained the Reptilians. Reptillerson sees religion as nothing more than an irrational voluntary self-domestication and self-delusion that enable him to control, subjugate and dominate their followers more easily. Despite their personal distaste for religion, they have infiltrated and used its power to further their agenda since the dawn of Abrahamic Monotheism.

Even though Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are all different branches of monotheism, belief in one god as initially proposed by Abraham, Reptilians see little to no distinction. Reptilians view all forms of human kindness, selflessness and nuanced thought to be weaknesses and opportunities for them to exploit.

The Reptilians have been on earth for past 65,000 years and despite spending 60,000 of those years in a mindless orgy with the native lizards of New Guinnea. Once the Reptilians began infiltrating society, they quickly saw how effective a tool religion could be in their quest to dominate and enslave society.

Much like the Romans found with their attempts at infiltrating and subjugating the Gauls,  Reptilians found that the more advanced a society was the easier it was to convert them. Utilizing religious self-control, Reptilians were able to subjugate, enslave and control society at their whim – using “God’s will” as their carte blanche justification for all decisions.

In reptilian slavemaster Willie Lynch’s book (known for his namesake Lynching) “How to Make a Slave” he details the psychological techniques necessary to domesticate humans, derived from horse-rearing. In order to break wild horses, the mother mares must be sufficiently traumatized and pass it on to their offspring – introducing internalized oppression.

Religion is a great method and delivery system for passing down internalized oppression through generations. By accepting self-oppression through an established set of beliefs like religion, you do the Reptilian slavemasters job for you.

For all the religious Chamberers readers, we hope you see these comments for what they are don’t misinterpret them as an attack on your personal spiritual or religious beliefs. Just because reptilian scum like Reptillerson misuse Religion for personal gain does not make it an inherently bad thing to have in your life.

The benefits of religion such as community involvement and self-discipline outweigh the negative side effects of internalized oppression. What is important to keep in mind if you are religious is to what degree you allow dogma and doctrine to control your decisions. The Old Testament contains many important and useful lessons and practical wisdom.

Where the Reptilian hand in religion is most prominently displayed is their infiltration and abuse of religions that insist strict adherence to dogma and lots of shame and judgment. Once successfully converted to the Reptilian worldview (which is literally black and white as they can’t see color) religious people are easily manipulated by Reptilians posing as priests, imams, rabbis, and even popes.

Whether or not Reptillerson will reignite a full-on religious war has yet to be seen, but as far as the experts can tell it is a horrible step in the wrong direction. Much like the flat earthers, Reptilians are relishing in backsliding humanity’s progress back to the middle ages by reigniting Religious War.