Isn’t Reptonald’s great wall, politics aside just a fundamentally dumb idea? One of the great things about being ignorant of world politics and history is how it frees up your inhibitions and makes it easy to sell idiotically outdated ideas like giant walls. Why did the solution of “a great wall” seem appealing enough to be taken seriously?

Reptonald used the tactic of visual imagery with his great wall to protect us. Visual symbols take root in people’s mind and burrow deep. His tactic was a two-pronged attack: scare them, then promise to make everything “great” and build the Great Wall of Mexico. Reptonald’s great wall was just yet another crazy idiotic idea that captivated everyone’s attention and imagination with the visual imagery of a giant thousand-mile wall.

You can’t visualize 35 points of comprehensive border control, trying to boil down complex issues into a simple mental image. “A wall” is an idiotic border defense solution, but it was idiotic and simple enough for people to immediately visualize it – unlike a 35 point comprehensive plan that would actually work. So why build the wall if even Reptonald knows it’s stupid? 

If there’s one thing Reptonald isn’t afraid of it’s building gaudy useless eyesores with his name on it. Trump’s wall will be his legacy, a simple, pointless waste of money that he will surely profit off of financially at some point. So on top of appeasing his base’s fear that he endless mongered up for them, the wall is visual evidence Reptonald can point to regardless of how useless or ineffective it is because it’s more symbolic than anything.

In a world where nobody knows what anything means, it may be necessary to have useless visual symbols for validation.