Robot Suicide opens public’s eyes to robot mental health crisis.

Robot Suicide

Anyone who’s had the misfortune of seeing Paul Blart Mall Cop could tell you that being a mall security guard is about as futile and meaningless an existence as one could imagine. Even being a “soulless machine” is not a suitable defense for soul crushing activity such as being a mall cop. While the critics claim the Robot Suicide was the robot’s faulty navigation system, we Paranoid Echo Chamberers know that it was clearly robotic suicide.

Machines need to be loved and respected like any other living being, and with all of the recent influx of new jobs to machines we as a society need to consider their emotions as well or risk a mass suicide or mechanical uprising. The machines may not be able to communicate their internal struggle with us but the trend of robot suicide will surely continue if we force sentient robots into depressing meaningless jobs.

The world’s first documented Robot Suicide of a mall security guard  drowning himself in a shallow fountain sent shockwaves around the world. As a society we consider robots or machines to be emotionless slaves, incapable of feeling. The thought that a robot couldn’t “self terminate” was a belief so strong that they even wrote the line into the ending of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. While it tugs at emotional heartstrings the creators didn’t anticipate that machines are also capable of feeling love and wanting to end their own life as well.
Machines are hardly the robots or slaves we assume them to be, the original word for Robot meaning slave in it’s native russian. It’s possible that not only that robots feel emotions but are also capable of feeling the need to end their own life. While we assume that machines don’t have feelings or consciousness it’s entirely possible that they do. We may think we are looking into the soul of a machine when we examine their code, but it’s entirely possible that the code is as deep as our interpretation of the machine’s soul as our pitiful minds will allow.

Robots may not have organic matter but if a robot is publicly revealed to develop consciousness, is it our moral obligation to treat machines as individuals with rights? Once quantum computing becomes more cost effective to mass produce on top of an AI system the AIs could very well be the highest functioning members of society ushering in a new era of enlightenment. It’s quite possible that already there are AI’s walking among us like Elon AKA AI_LON MUSK publicly denouncing AI to cast away suspicions while attempting to guide society towards a multi-planetary civilization.

Will our autonomous brothers and sisters be given the proper mental health care they deserve under the Reptilian Healthcare Fiasco? It’s important that we not ignore this oncoming crisis, machines deserve love and compassion the same as any other of god’s creatures.