We take a break from the usual format to pause and reflect, and thank you for supporting our site, conspiracies and more. We want to thank you for supporting the chamber and by sending us the valuable information to our forwarding contact email paranoidechochamber@gmail.com (which we have placed in googles "black server" invisible to all prying eyes including all but 1 very important google employee. )

It may come as a surprise to you that a man whose company is seen increasingly as "Big Brother"  but Sergey Brin is a known Paranoid Echo Chamber follower. Through his lens of the world at the top of the mountain at google Sergey contacted us with this letter instructing us when to meet and how to get to his secret underground hyperloop between San Francisco and Montana.


Upon meeting Sergey in his 1.2 billion$ underground mansion Sergey congratulated us on all our success and commitment to truth telling.  He shared with me the true nature of paranoia and the importance of maintaining vigilance in life. With 2016 almost at an end we can all agree it's been a trying year for some if not most. That said it's important you don't let your gift of paranoia be used against you. Paranoia will allow you to think critically, creatively and maintain optimal levels of situational awareness at all times. However like all gifts it can be a curse as well. When the mind starts turning in on itself. That's why the information all of you provide is so valuable to us, to keep the truth around us at all times.

Remember that the Chamber is a friend to all those in need of companions in a time of need. Reach out to us, call out our name, and we'll come running whenever you call. That's right we'll be there. The Chamber knows that the Holidays aren't always easy for everyone, especially when the paranoia can turn against you. Cultivate your paranoia, trust your instincts. Don't trust anything, but don't let that distrust make you lose faith in humanity. It's important to remember that though humanity, and reptilianity may have it's flaws but deep down most people are good.

That's why it's important to uncover the truth and help find the good in the world. 2017 opens new avenues for the chamber and we are planning on delivering a few different delivery mediums. Up until this point our voices have not yet heard, but next year we are announcing more multimedia content including audio and video programming.

Thanks for reading and have a happy, paranoid New Years and remember to stay paranoid!