Illuminati Media distraction

How Illuminati media distractions are destroying your attention span.

THE ART OF DISTRACTION How  Illuminati media distractions have broken your attention span. Staying focused on real issues is hard when there are so many entertaining but idiotic Illuminati media distractions like Reptillyanne putting her feet on the couch or Russian peepee jokes. For every second the public spends wasted on entertaining media distractions, plenty of deserving […]

Illuminati deliver whiplash on La La Land for perceived cultural appropriation.

Illuminati lash the whip on white jazz musical La La Land. The Academy Awards have long been the Illuminati’s favorite night of self indulgent love and they did not waste an opportunity to shine on their special night. The musical La La Land was nominated for 14 academy award, many criticized favoritism for anything Nostalgic […]

Trump Kanye

Trump Kanye: Is this bad news for Illuminati?

Kanye West’s public rants against the Illuminati: a bridge burned? There’s a battle brewing between Kanye, Trump, Illuminati in the public. While Kanye’s recent mental collapse due to exhaustion on top of a manic episode of bipolar disorder is surely a factor, many are shocked by the comments Kanye made against Jay-Z and the Illuminati. […]

Obama and the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition

REPTILIAN ILLUMINATI COALITION Obama’s Passing of the Torch To Reptillary. What says the Illuminati about the Reptiles newfound rise to power with their new political leader Reptillary. The initial founding of the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition was when an Illuminati council member Bill Clinton met the Reptile Queen Reptillary back before he was president. Traditionally the […]