Tribalist Thinking Beginning to Turn on Trump

  Tribalism works in mysterious ways. The tribalist thinking that got Trump elected is now turning against him. The big bold claims and promises that rallied his tribe behind him to think he was “strong” compared to Reptillary, are being used against him. Despite all the opposition he’s faced since taking office, his supporters have […]

Sean Splicer: America’s least favorite reptilian press secretary’s feud against Dippin’ Dots®

Sean Splicer: America’s favorite reptilian press secretary’s feud against Dippin’ Dots® Many people have been critical of Sean Spicer AKA Sean Splicer, perhaps rightfully so. It’s often the job of a White House Press Secretary to tell bold faced lies, but Splicer takes it to an insultingly patronizing level. Sean Splicer has publicly humiliated his country […]

How Kelly Anne Fitzpatrick became Reptillyanne Conway

Who was Kelly Anne Fitzpatrick and how did she become Reptillyanne Conway? Kelly Anne Fitzpatrick or Reptillyanne Conway as she’s now known, was born in Camden, NJ in 1967. The Fitzpatricks moved out of the collapsing Camden and Kellyanne grew up in suburban Hammonton New Jersey. Kellyanne was always a bright, motivated individual and was […]