Who are the Alt Rep and where are they from?

The Alt Rep or Alternative Reptilian are a political faction that have infected and attached themselves to the right wing Republican party member. For a while the Illuminati tried to discredit the Republican party by painting them as moronic separatists. The Illuminati have long tried to cash in on the stupidity of the lowest ranks of society but tend to miss the mark and fail, coming off as pandering. What was different about the Alt Rep movement was their social media prowess, their willingness to express hate publicly (albeit over the internet) and complete lack of remorse. The Reptilians have long seen the Republican party as an easy way to attach themselves into politics with a quick and easy message of spreading hate.

How the Alt Rep recruited hate crime and racists on the internet with the help of the Council.

The one thing that is unavoidable on the internet is that your story will eventually be buried by a sea of other stories. Very quickly the Alt Rep noticed that the stories they put out with the most traction were the fictional news stories with racist headlines. The truth doesn't matter if a lie is more entertaining. With that in mind the Reptilians fed Trump an endless stream of racist lies generated by Council backed Russian Hackers who generated the fake and racist news that helped keep Trump & Alt Right at the forefront of public thought and on top of your timeline.

What's next for the Alt Rep Movement?

Freshly emboldened with the promise of four more years of pussy grabbing, Jew Hating and minority suppressing the Alt Right plan on filling their coffers with ad money. Even though the Illuminati finally financially pressured facebook into taking ads off the internet the Alt Rep now have the power to keep their momentum strong. Many Alt Rep insiders claim the next move is not only a new social media platform, but a new channel, a new website, a unified vision of hatred ignorance in an alternative package. Our Alt Rep insider above the mothership Reptimothy found this Alt Rep Media headline to leak:
“The liberals want to take our jobs away and give them to China. They don’t want you to have a gun because they know that it’s the only thing stopping them from walking in and taking your daughters virginity”