Obama, The Reptilian Illuminati Coalition and his legacy as 44th President of the United States

Barack Obama is the first Man Reptilian hybrid to ever be elected president. His legacy of social justice, human rights, gay marriage and countless more civil rights Obama fought for may be underwritten by the collapse of the American Democracy under Reptonald J Trump. All the hard work that Obama has put in to try and heal the divide in the country was resoundingly overturned with the result of the 2016 election when Reptonald's campaign of hate won. The reptilian Illuminati Coalition of 2008 founded by Obama, Jay Z and other high ranking Illuminati members to end the bloodshed behind the scenes and try and pose for a unified front.

How Obama was able to bring humans and Reptilians together

Many critics of Reptillary say one of her greatest flaws was her lack of ability to inspire confidence as a leader. Conversely, one of Obama's greatest strengths is his ability to hold the attention and respect of large groups of people. The Reptilians were divided on voting their conscious, for Reptillary or their gonads/Reptilian hive brains for Reptonald. In the end Reptonald's victory won't be able to outshine Obama's legacy. The Reptilian Illuminati Coalition ushered in a new era of peace, prosperity and tolerance that was up until that point unseen.

Where does The Reptilian Illuminati Coalition stand post 2016?

Our Reptilian Insiders have been giving frequent updates about the state of the Illuminati & Reptilians given the stark political wedge that Reptonald drove through the country. The Illuminati feel as if they were bamboozled by the American public and the Alt Reps. The Alt Reps paid the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition no mind when they went on their campaign for Donald and the Illuminati did not take it well. The Illuminati were standing behind Reptillary so distinctly that the Alt Reps and Reptonald were able to cast the shadow of doubt on the American people that Reptillary "had rigged the system." The Illuminati are shattered by this loss and some say that they will never trust a Reptilian candidate again, some say the Coalition has been nearly completely disbanded.