Even if you believed that the hurricanes weren’t just CGI, in today’s paranoid echo chamber of a society how can anyone know for certain what is real and what is fake? What assurances do we have that we are not simply watching the tail wag the dog? How do we know that all the evidence of climate change isn’t just yet another Illuminati media scheme to scare us stupid? They love to call deniers fools when they use the winter as anecdotal evidence for why climate change is a lie, yet they use the same anecdotal evidence for hurricanes and wildfires to prove their point.


Fooling people into believing that the ocean is rising, the earth is destroyed and we are all going to die is very beneficial for the Illuminati regime. The truth is, of course the earth is heating and the water is rising but we don’t know too much beyond that. Media constantly is looking for the next panic and buying into that fear is a sucker’s game.

It’s important to stay paranoid and don’t trust the powers that be’s never-ending bag of tricks to fool the masses. The dog waggers are out to get you and fool you into believing anything they want about the climate change conspiracy. Just because the media is perpetuating the lies doesn’t mean that anybody can’t hop on the “scare wagon”, the image of mother earth dying is a powerful one guaranteed to make people stop and pay attention.

The Illuminati want to strip your truth from you, to breathe the air from your lungs. Climate change conspiracy is a lie.
The only thing the Illuminati are after is the feeling that you’re doomed, and the unstable thinking that the planet is going to die. Just because the water levels are currently rising does not mean that the planet is ruined.

Adobe has taken us into new and dangerous territories with audio and video manipulation, calling into question literally everything we ever thought was real. How do you know that you aren’t drugged in some lab somewhere being played video through 3-d goggles, let alone that you aren’t an ant on Mars? So to say that the entire earth is going to die is an idiotic statement, but very effective in scaring the pants off of everyone.

The likeliest scenario of the future has already been told. It was one of the worst performing and worst reviewed films of it’s time, but in the future it will be known as the great prophecy: Waterworld. Kevin Costner will be treated as a new Jesus, and we will all evolve into salty web toed ocean travelers pissing into our mr. coffee and drinking it just as the great Costner did.