Reptilian Mind Control: Fact or Fiction?

Do you think someone you know may be influenced by Reptilian mind control? You may be right. The truth is close to 40% of Americans are under varying degrees of Reptilian Dark Matter Pulsar influence, or mind dampening as it's referred to as. The Reptilians are able to reach humans firing beams of high density (collected from a dark pulsar) energy particles, invisible to human sight (and electromagnetic spectrum also known as Dark Matter), directly into the brains of their victims. Dampening works by influencing the electromagnetic energy within the neurons of the human brain, enabling various levels of mind control. 

Who do the Reptilians target for mind dampening?

Reptilians like to target individuals with weak willed weak minded who are easily persuaded and morally flexible. While they target individuals specifically with higher intensity Dampening they have a blanket protocol for certain individuals. The Reptilians choose humans based on their status in society, their susceptibility to mind control - mental weakness, loose morals and influence over others. While a Wall Street banker would be of higher priority and receive a larger dose of Dark Matter Pulsar waves the slow, steady stream would still make its way to unemployed internet trolls throughout the world. Seeing as humans can't see or detect dark matter the reptilians can emit particles from a myriad of clandestine devices wherever whenever they see fit. That means you, your friends, neighbors and loved ones all may be influenced to varying degrees by Reptilian mind control. 

How to tell if someone you know is influenced by Reptilian Mind Dampening

Telltale signs of mind control influence are a decreased moral, ethics and an increased feelings of nationalism, tribalism and racism. If their eyes seem to be taking on a different quality from yellow to deepening of the socket and other reptilian features. Other key components of mind dampening are the ability to incorrectly view yourself as a victim; which greatly helped Reptonald win the election. The enhanced selfishness, racism, NIMBY (not in my back yard) mentality are all hints of potential Reptilian mind dampening.

What can you do to treat a dampened mind?

If you want to help someone you know (or yourself) who may be affected Reptilian Mind Dampening you are in luck. There are simple steps you can take to help repair a damaged mind. Avoid isolation, social media, mainstream news and other hive mind environments to combat the slow mental drain that weakens your mind and increases susceptibility to mind control. To combat a tainted mind after removing negative influence you must replace with positive influence which combat damage that's already in place on your right parietal lobe. The best way to do that is to engage in altruistic behaviors, interact with your fellow man and maintain a moral and righteous lifestyle and avoid mental drains. Studying philosophy, confucianism and other moral non-religious teachings and practicing meditation also have been proven to lower the inflammation to your brain caused by Reptilian mind Dampening. 

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