The unspoken Alliance was forged long ago over a blood pact in New York City during a 1990s campaign rally for Bill Clinton. Hillary and Trump were on a break from their stuffy rally and decided to shed their human forms and have a snack. Reptilians operate on higher metabolisms than humans and without the vital fluids produced by the glands and organs of humans Reptiles get cranky and violent.  Trump, ever the opportunist saw his opportunity to dig his claws into what looked like a rising star in the political world.  Contributing heavily insuring himself and his companies free reign to do all the robbing and shady business practices they’ve been well documented to do.

Hillary granted Trump his carte blanche to refuse payment to whomever he pleased; they both shared a human or two over business meetings whenever Trump needed the government’s help. The Illuminati was frequently bothering him about paying for this or paying for that and his strike at President Barack Obama was considered the last straw. The state Senator was only able to do so much as Trumps 2012 presidential bid was shot down in humiliation by the Illuminati wildcard Herman Cain whose sole purpose was to discredit and humiliate the Republicans.

Trump learned a thing or two from Herman Cain and renewed the blood pact with Hillary and vowed to humiliate the Republicans by going lower than he’d ever stooped before. The debates just proved that he was willing to go to school yard bully tactics on a national platform of 100 million viewers. His pre agreed dive bomb gained far more momentum than he anticipated but worked out perfectly that the two New York Reptilians (or NYR as they call themselves) both happen to be in line for the president.

It’s public knowledge that both have been working out of the New York City area for years and are familiar with one another for many years. What you don’t know is that they both have been secretly colluding to destroy the Republican party since the 1990s. Trump has no political allegiance of any kind and only cares about buying politicians and making sure his companies turn a profit despite whatever laws they decide to break. Hillary or Reptillary as she’s known among the truther community is a card carrying member of the Reptilian race.

What you may not know is that Donald Trump has been playing the Illuminati and the Reptilians against one another long before the Reptilian Illuminati Coalition that Barack Obama. Barack was declared the Illuminati’s golden child: A half reptilian, half humanoid that has concealed his Reptilian DNA to his Illuminati brothers as well as the public. After the Alliance Trump began exploring the deeper conservative Reptilian base after seeing the country’s negative reaction to Barack Obama in the red states.

Reptillary was part of the early alliance, embedding herself among the Illuminati disciple president Bill Clinton. She was more interested in power than pleasing her conservative Reptilian base. With the power of being First Lady Reptillary was unstoppable. During the Monica Lewinsky scandal Reptillary was eating more than 15 humans and their life essence holding endocrine systems that she would devour as well as parts of their brains and heart.

Despite being publicly shamed Reptillary saw the power on the horizon. Donald Trump had many a dinner with her, feasting on the vital fluids of innocent human beings within the white house as well as a variety of expensive well decorated New York high rise apartments. Trump was known to eat many a homeless man’s vital fluids right outside of his own business. Sometimes dining from on the street he would carry what he called his “Money Straw”a 8 inch long surgical grade stainless steel scaled up version of an injection needle. Trump would inject its sharp syringe like end deep into a human’s adrenal gland as well as their liver, kidneys and other vital fluid zones and drink until his victim lay dead on the ground and ready to go forth on another .